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QUICK! SHTF Scenario! What do you do? Are you prepared?

It's on a lot of people's mind, the idea of civil unrest and public panics, be it from economic disorder or the encroaching police state. The problems in CA with the police shootings, curfews, unwarranted searches, and home entries could spread to neighboring states if the manhunt spreads...it will.

When SHTF scenarios actually happen, they're QUICK and sudden. Are you ready? Are you prepared? I sure as heck am not, and I know better. How would you communicate with your family and loved ones if the power, internet, or phone lines went down? What about food and fuel? Generators? Protection?

Not saying the police coming to your door to look for a cop killer is a SHTF scenario, but it is crossing the line for many? What is the proper response?

What advice can DPers share with the world?

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We are

You only need 3 things in life we learn this pretty young.

1. A Fort. Short for fortress, impenetrable from the enemy. people or shiny badges.

2. Water/ Food. Bottle, well, rain water how to clean it and keep it clean safe unspoiled. Seeds for vegetables, canned food, dehydrated meats, fruit bearing trees

3. Something to make sure you can retain all the things listed above and i think we can just call it security. Safes, locks, walls, traps, weapons, dogs

4. is completely optional. a best friend. well i guess everything is optional. a good close neighbor who you have a plan with.

You can keep it basic or be a guest star on dooms day preparers lol

One think my uncle has always told me is, if you own lead you can get gold...

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain


"If you own lead you can get gold.."

What does that mean, steal it?
If that is how you plan to get gold, food or anything else you will not be holding it very long.

Just a thought.


Liberty = Responsibility

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it was more

to distinguish that lead would be more powerful than gold in a shtf scenario. Im talking a shtf scenario of worst case not a market topple where gold is more important than lead. Its a time thing, gold will have its moment of power than it will shift to lead.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain