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Kentucky State Reps: Nullify Federal Gun Laws.

Kentucky Representatives introduced the following legislation that would nullify all federal laws restricting gun ownership.

I live in Bullitt County, and I'm proud to see our new State Representative Russell Webber advancing these causes. It's good to know that there's some common sense and courage up there in Frankfort. Any DPers in Kentucky planning a run for local office? Let me know. We sure could use some reinforcements.

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I don't agree with the second

I don't agree with the second one. There could be lots of reasons someone could be dishonorably discharged. The label should not make you a non-citizen. But then again I don't think felons should not be able to carry either. You do your time you should have your full rights as a citizen reinstated. There is no reason you should be made to pay for a mistake for the rest of your life. You don't cease to be a citizen once you are freed from prison. If that's the case then they should not be required to pay taxes either.

*edit* Oh and for those same reasons felons should also be able to vote. Elections affect them too.

Good to hear!

Without waiting on the state legislator, each individual who so chooses needs to nullify fed./state gun opinions/legislation.

The individual is sovereign and free as long as he does not (with tangable damages) infringe on another unless in self-defense.

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