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The Media Mind Net, Dishonest Politicians, Special Interest Groups, and Phony Elections - Is There a Way Out?

What is it about Ron Paul and Ben Carson that fills us with hope? They speak honestly and logically from the mind and heart. We seldom hear such speakers these days amidst all the lies and corruption and greed that has taken over the seat of power in Washington.

What is it about Obama and others like him that grates on the nerves and sets us to clenching our teeth when he speaks? He does not speak from his mind and heart, but rather from a speech written full of propaganda and brain washing. All he says is designed to hypnotize the audience by appealing to emotion and then hook them with key phrases. There is no appeal to solving problems and issues, which is why the wars were not even mentioned in the last election. An Obama speech is all about mind control. Period. The objective is profit for the special interest groups. Period.

JFK, Ron Paul, Ben Carson, do not use these tactics. They speak from the mind and heart with an honest intent to make a better world.

So yes, I support Ron Paul and Ben Carson. But how do you think they can get through the MEDIA barrier which also plays mind games and does not deal in simple truth? The media has more than half the nation brain washed.

The people of America are caught in this invisible mind net, and that is how any victim of mind control must feel, confused, caught. The people have stopped asking questions and just allow themselves to be looked after and told what to think and do; controlled.

So how do we end the invisible mind net so that a person like Ben Carson or Ron Paul can become president? The old methods failed with Ron Paul and will fail again with every honest individual.

Mind control is insidious, creeping, invasive, like the Communist police state that has gripped this nation by stealth right under the noses of the American people.

It is great to find another person like Ben Carson who inspires us as Ron Paul does, but all the old honest ways are not working. Special interest groups will always win and place their lackey in the seat of power.

Rand Paul, who is trying to play the game, in the end will be marginalized or threatened if he gets too honest, and the Bilderberg choice will again be in place. No matter what honest people do, the special interest groups will win, unless we deal with this problem.

Any ideas?

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Wait just a minute, Ron Paul and Ben Carson??

The man gave a little talk at a breakfast meeting and you'd think he actually accomplished something. His speech was well-delivered mediocrity that only tickled some "conservative" nerves and suddenly he's in the same category as Ron Paul? I'm not taking anything away from Dr Carson, but he's missing 36 years in politics and a bulletproof track record of understanding and supporting liberty. "Give 'em all an account and electrofile' isn't exactly liberty and neither is a streamlined income tax.

Get over this willingness to support any silver tongue that comes down the pike or it's sure to bite all of you in the butt one day!

The issue remains, whether it be Ron Paul

or anyone else. How do you get around media propaganda or marginalization and rigged elections to get anyone honest elected? That is what this post is about.

Good point about the electronic file at birth and a few other things. That also bothered me.

Enlightened disengagment.

Enlightened disengagement, I respect your power, I do not respect your authority. I am a free individual.

First of all, None of us are gong to get out of this alive, that’s about the only thing a man knows about life. So its best to not harbor fears of death.

Life, Liberty, and the persuit of happiness. You can take my life for I will die at some point anyway but I will defend myself. You can take my happiness for I have known a life with many times of unhappiness and I will still survive and go on. If you atempt to take my liberty you will have to fight for your life.

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.” – Buddha.

Be an example for others to see the path to freedom.

Discover ways to avoid their extortion’s:
Get your earnings under your own control;
trade with those who practice freedom; or be a Gypsy who sells - and flees!
"But they will confiscate my property," you quaver. Only if you are so foolish as to lead them to it. Convert your wealth into forms you can conceal. Put it where they can't get at it.

"But they will throw me in jail," you object.
Only if you are so careless as to stumble over them - they who have trouble apprehending morons and psychopaths. Make yourself difficult to find.

Some predators prowl alone or in small gangs, slinking about as criminals. So the Free Sovereign Individuals go about like tigers - armed and ready for self-defense.
Some predators join together, masquerading and strutting about as "rulers." So the Free Sovereign Individuals go about like foxes - inconspicuous and ready to hide.

I do not rule others, nor am I ruled by others. I am sovereign over my life, mind, body, and property


Beautifully written and inspiring.

A veritable creed to live by.

Schools and media ...

... is where people learn to trust Big Media (and Big Government).

I think the universities could be turned around if a liberty organization could form clubs on campuses, similar to Young Republicans or the Sierra Club.

But such clubs would need financial backing, the same way the other organizations do. It's not enough to have a few die hard liberty lovers trying to get their message out.

Political and non-profit organizations (the big ones) get government grants and political gifts. The people leading those organizations make a good living at it, and they have the funds to promote their ideas. It's a vicious circle where they promote government and then get funded by government and supporters, which allows them to continue promoting government. Liberty organizations do not have that built-in financial advantage.

Big Media is believed because most people don't have a strong reason to not believe it, and they do have a strong psychological reason to believe: it reinforces ideas they have already accepted as true (usually, without any critical thinking process on their part). And since it is the only information most people get, they are never confronted with their own beliefs.

I think the internet is the only way to get around it. Creating a website that is neutral and objective -- in the way Ben Swann reports -- and then getting that message out to the masses is the way to break down the average person's misplaced trust of Big Media. That also can help support a similar organization on campuses.

Then, pointing out the lies of such organizations as CNN and boycotting their advertisers might possibly start tilting the narrative towards truth. Even Big Media might have to at least pretend to change, which would also have to be monitored and shown to be false where appropriate.

It's a big operation, ultimately, and has to be built in such a way that it would be self-sustaining financially. That's the big advantage Big Media and NGO's have: they are self-sustaining financially, even though they promote propaganda rather than truth.

Any ideas?

States moving toward Legal Competitive Money Supplies in direct competition with The FED.
Individuals demanding their income to be paid to them in Lawful Money
Extortion Payments not being paid by the victims (falsely called "Federal Income Tax")
Troops NOT obeying criminal orders
People volunteering to be Jurors so as to stop punishing innocent people for victimless crimes (like refusing to pay the extortion fee)
Run for office
Stop lending any credibility whatsoever to the criminals who took over the Union which was voluntary before 1788 and it is now Involuntary (Criminal)
Produce more during the day than you had at the start of the day and begin to take steps that reduce the amount of that surplus wealth that is being stolen from you through the Fraud known as The FED and the Extortion known as The IRS.
Pick a day in the future and on that day in the future promise your fellow, moral, citizens, here in America, that on that day you, and they, will no longer pay these criminals any more power.
Work toward that goal between now and that day in the future.


A reasonable plan

that each can do as individuals. Might also add that the elite are wealthy on the interest they earn from individual debt and government debt. Stop going in debt and they stop earning interest...live simple and be content with less.

A gentle warning

Remember how the media loves to cram our next hero down our throat...
Remember how Colbert lambasted Bush, and now look how Colbert still serves his masters...
I really enjoyed the good Doctor's speech. I want to know what he has to say about vaccines and SSRIs and my right to seek healthcare outside the clutches of Pharma before I herald him as a champion of liberty.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Agree these details are important.

We could not really ask for more than the right to choose without being told we MUST do something. I do not care what opinion the good Dr may have so long as others are allowed free choice.

robot999's picture

It all boils down to: Individualism

Some individuals, when confronted with Truth - do not have the courage to listen (and therefore certainly no motivation to act.)

Others, when presented with Truth, seek more. They awaken inside. Some act, other's don't, but they separate themselves from the herd.

If the Liberty movement is to grow - and succeed - we must recognize and differentiate (quickly) between the Cognizant Dissidents vs. Seekers. Don't waste too much time on the hurd, just pick out the seekers and encourage them to act.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Good explanation.

I have also noticed that about individuals with lack of motivation and total self absorption, with no interest beyond the small sphere of every day existence. I know few seekers but always looking for them.

I am Waiting For

the Hundredth Monkey!


Yes we might all be doing that.

And yes it is slowly happening.

The question is will it happen before all freedoms are lost and the end is bloody revolution, as in the French, Russian, American revolution. A peaceable end of this corrupt regime would be better.

Hypothetically speaking, if someone or a group

of someone's were to take "pot shots" at the worst of the offending party's, you'd see the rats scatter.

Other than that, do as the neocon said below.. Take over a party.. of course with all that you're up against.. you'd have to be real slick as a group to set up roadblocks to all of the dirty tricks with voting and whatnot to stop them from stealing the election from you.. Much like I believe they did with Dr.Paul.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Yep and that is the problem. The corrupt will rig the elections

as they did with Ron Paul. Honesty does not work in this corrupt evil, environment.

Knowledge is power

More and more people are figuring it out everyday, at some point in time there will come a tipping point. I just hope it's nonviolent when that time comes. Once the vast majority of the people are awake, the solutions are relatively simple as outlined by Ron Paul. A return to constitutional government, ethics and honesty in elected officials.

I guess we have to hope for that tipping point

but it might be a long time in coming. Their aim is to brainwash an entire generation as Hitler did. A brainwashed generation will know nothing beyond the mind controlled life they are born to.

Democratically speaking

The only way to win in a democratically leaning republic is to take a party and then the other.. this is why Ron Paul stayed in the GOP, as that party is most vunerable to being taken.. beit a fight, but an easier fight than the Democratic Party.

But can your person win whether GOP or DEM

if the Bilderberg special interest groups just rig the elections and place their guy in power?



Live a humble life of Liberty and be the example.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

That is how I live, as self sufficient as possible.

What happens when they decide to give your piece of land to the UN as they did in Pacific SW California? Under the communists system all land is state owned. We will not be allowed to live quietly in peace, but rather owned and controlled like a herd of cattle and milked for tax dollars to keep the elite wealthy living like kings in their Earth paradise.

Much land in America, like the Pacific Southwest, will soon be off limits to the American people; owned by the UN. If you live in any of the zones shown for takeover, you will not live there in the near future.