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Obama Afraid of Military? Marines' Guns Disabled at Inauguration

This is interesting, if true. I haven't vetted the info and have not seen this website before, but thought it was worth sharing. It's entirely believable.


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made the troops at an Afghanistan base disarm who would be listening to him.

What I mean is Obama has caused the highest suicide rate among..

..servicemen in the history of the US Military.

Obama knows well that many of these men are likely traumatized by countless oppressive combat tours and that they are at any moment ready to snap and make a public example out of their leadership and brass.

What better place to do this than at an inauguration.


Not a shift in policy,

He has done this for years. He is that paranoid, Is it because he knows his heart.

Not Just Obama

When I marched in a parade for Reagan back in the 80s the Secret Service required all firing pins be removed from our rifles and that the guns be inspected.

So They Trust...

...you enough to go die in a foreign war of aggression against innocent populations, but not enough to walk armed next to your commander in chief? Wow....just, wow.

The elitists are showing signs of fear.

Too many in the world are awake and watching, and that includes members of the military.