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Meet The 31 Corporations and Banks Who Dodged $128 Billion in US Taxes

Posted by Charleston Voice
Just imagine pulling this dodge year after year after year!!!

By: Jason Easley, Feb. 7th, 2013

Sen. Bernie Sanders released a report today directly taking on the Business Roundtable, by outing 31 banks and corporations who have dodged $128 billion in taxes.
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These Federal Reserve members pay a Franchise TAX.

They are guaranteed by Congress 6% profit after expenses on their paid in Reserves. Anything over the 6% is paid to the US Treasury as a franchise Tax. The Franchise Tax is paid direct not through the IRS.

Congress, for their part, regulates and thwarts the competitors of the Federal Reserve cartel they created in order to maximize the Franchise Tax revenues.

Members, for their part, produce policy papers and legislation to help Congress mash their competitors. Public Relation firms and Lobbyists tell everyone what they need to know. They spare no expense in insuring their 6% profit. The expenses are deductible.

If the Comptroller of the Currency of the US Treasury would tell us who is and has been Members of the Federal Reserve cartel, then we could all do our part!

Common Bernie if you are serious than get this list. Otherwise you're yet another progressive worshiping a central bank. YAPWAC Bank.

Free includes debt-free!

Bernie Sanders is a Communist ...

... and cannot be expected to say anything truthful about business.

In fact GE did have a $5 billion tax expense in 2011:

So far this year, it's been over $2 billion:

Now, what the companies do is they pay taxes for a couple of years and then they have a losing year, and they use that losing year to recapture previous years' taxes paid and/or use it to offset taxes to be paid in future years.

In this way, it is possible for businesses to pay zero taxes over a period of time, but I don't see Bernie offering any PROOF that those losing years had "illegitimate" (in the eyes of IRS or Congress) deductions. Bernie's $128 billion figure was pulled from his a**. People like Bernie just make accusations and offer no proof.

Get rid of the handouts. Get rid of the laws allowing them to eliminate competition (like mandating use of light bulbs that only GE makes). Those are legit arguments. But the tax thing -- well, that's the price you pay for cronyism. The guys who bribe the politicians are gonna want some way to get an edge. That is WHY they bribe the politicians in the first place.

Get rid of the incentive to bribe. Get rid of the BIG in big government.

Congress is unlikely to disrupt its baby

Congress created the Federal Reserve as a cartel with monopoly control of the money supply.

Money factions united, where to start.

In 1912, Alfred Crozier predicted, "that if Congress creates such an institution it will be the beginning of the end of real popular government."

Free includes debt-free!

This article sucks. It's just

This article sucks. It's just a big government propaganda piece justifying why we should "close loopholes" so the rich can pay their 'fair share'.

Why should i pay taxes & corparations that make BILLION$ don't?

When the government needs revenue to fund it's programs or pay interest on the debt WE END UP HAVING TO PAYING for it, SO YES WE SHOULD close those loopholes.