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Mr. President: About Ben Carson?

Dear Mr. President,

If some how you are able to see this, may I respectfully request your verbalized thoughts on Dr. Carsons speech at the National Prayer breakfast? I couldn't help but notice your wife's cheering response to most of what was said, but it was hard to see where yur thoughts were. There is no way to estimate or even guess the amount and/or type of pressure you must face daily that comes with your job. I'm praying that your poker face and recent un-precedented moves somehow prove only to have been only necessary to "get over a hump" in restoring freedom, liberty and the constitution to "we the people". I say this because I would like to believe there is a seed of good in every human waiting only for the right condtions to sprout. I too, was cheering for what Dr. Carson had to say!

I pray for you Mr. President, and the people of this nation, and the people of the world; that we will allow God to guide you and us according to His true Will in restoring to His people, all that He ever intended us to be. In Genesis 1:26, God created man and gave him dominion over everything on earth. The only thing God did NOT give man dominion over is man. We each are created to rule over things and circumstances, NOT PEOPLE. It is the true meaning of liberty and freedom Mr. President. In Jesus' name, I pray that evil will find itself far from you, and that God will work His good through you to help bring peace, love and joy to all who seek relief in these troubling times. Please Mr. President, give us a hint of where you stand, if for some reason you can't tell us the whole truth at this time. God, Bless us all in Jesus name! AMEN

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