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Making a list of modern newspeak and doublethink examples... Chip in! (UPDATE1)

Semantic = Relating to meaning in language or logic.

Newspeak = Ambiguous euphemistic language used chiefly in political propaganda.

Doublethink = Thought marked by the acceptance of gross contradictions and falsehoods, especially when used as a technique of self-indoctrination.

Colbert's interview with Frank Luntz is a good example of political doublespeak in a light hearted way..

In this unfortunately Orwellian world we live in we are seeing more and more misuse of language, and alteration of meaning. Here is a mostly complete current list, negative a few you can help me define better. Please feel free to make the ones on the list more eloquent or informative. or comment on ones to add that you don't see.

--Collateral damage (Newspeak)= Term used by the United States to define an innocent person being murdered in war (undeclared or otherwise), with the defense that they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
(Ironic note: Could be the term used by Osama Bin Laden to describe why he killed so many Americans on 911)

--Patriot act (Newspeak)= Bill passed in the United States designed make you feel like a patriotic While taking away most right the original patriots fought to protect.

--Spreading democracy(Doublethink)= Ranging from the act of silent regime change, to full scale war against a supposed dictator. Ironically done by a republic, not a democracy.

--Land of the free (Doublethink)= The most prosperous and free nation, which House more people in its Prison System Complex than every other nation combined. Without even having more people in its nation than some individual countries.

--Free speech (Doublethink)= In America you can say what you want without punishment. Unless you release military files, Or are a company on the internet. Or are a whistelblower. Or post anti government sentimence on the internet or elsewhere. Or even a journalist who still investigates.

--Free Election (newspeak)= Elections held with the appearance of choice. Even though there are ever only 2 choices, and the educated majority of Americans hate them both.

--Liberal (semantic)= A democrat

--Conservative (semantic)= A republican

--Imminent Threat (newspeak)= A person who may be working with AL-Qaeda or an 'associated force'
" " = a threat that is real, imagined, speculated or contrived by the King and his court that could take place now, soon, days, weeks, years, decades or never.

--Corporate Personhood (Newspeak)= Rewriting of the bill of writes to serve corporate interest as opposed to individual interest. Since corporations are people, they are still serving the "people".

--Conspiracy Theory (newspeak)= A) A horrible piece of news that is yet to be confirmed or denied. B) A statistically unlikely set of coincidences.

--Revenue Enhancement (Newspeak)= The raising of taxes on the citizens, for the government.

--Arab Spring (Doublethink)= A mass protest for liberation by many Arab countries, that was used by the U.S. and U.N. for regime changes all across the Arab world.

--Domestic Terrorist (Newspeak)= Any person who openly supports the constitution, openly disagrees with current U.S. policies, or openly supports Ron Paul or an 'associated' liberty candidate.

--Government investment (doublethink)= Spending tax dollars or borrowed money to pay of special interests and political contributors.

--Balanced approach to the debt (Newspeak)= Raising taxes, and cutting future spending slightly, While maintaining that having more debt every year is somehow keeping a balanced budget.

---Debt Ceiling: (doublethink) intended to make the listener think it is cap on borrowing, when it actuality, it is the opposite... a 'deadline' designed to create a hysteria among the populace that enables congress to borrow even more.

---America's Interests (Newspeak) = A justification for foreign interventionism on the grounds that 'national defense' includes 'defense' of the farthest reaches of the empire.

---American exceptionlism (Newspeak) = Justification for foreign military intervention, occupation, drone assassination, and other forms of destroying foreigner's lives and property based on America's perceived divine right to rule the world. See also: "The White Man's Burden" and "Manifest Destiny".

---quantitative easing (Newspeak) = The mere act of printing money made to sound complex and technical so it is not questioned by the populace.

--Extremist (newspeak) = Anyone person who supports the constitution and bill of right, Or who disagrees openly with current U.S. policy.

--Department of Defense (Doublethink) = Department of perpetual undeclared war.

--United Nations (Doublethink) = A warring faction of dissolved nations.

--Sustainable development (Newspeak) = A tool used for passing soft laws globally through development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

--smart devices (newspeak) = A device smart enough to spy on you for the government or special interests.

--Standard Operating Procedures (doublethink) = An ever-changing code of operation with a name that indicates that this is how it has always been done.

--War on terror (doublethink) = A never-ending war against an ancient war tactic.

--eminent domain (newspeak) = A violation of the constitution where the government takes your private property, and puts it to public or more commonly special interest use.

--Support our troops (newspeak) = Which is branded as unconditional support for the United States imperialist foreign policy and to the complete disregard to the phenomenon of blow-back.

--Affirmative action (newspeak) = discreet distinctive discrimination.

--Affordable Care Act (doublethink) = Though it supposed to provide 'affordable care', its truly just an expensive euthanasia plan.

--No Child Left Behind (doublethink) = The educational philosophy act of holding the smart kids back and making them follow behind the slow kids.

--National Defense (semantic) = Global Offense.

--Immigration Reform (doublethink) = By telling Americans they want to track immigrants more efficiently, they are enabled to track american citizens more efficiently.

--Convenience Check (Doublethink) = Credit card companies send them to you as a convenience. They charge you through the nose, and later, after having been spent, they become quite "inconvenient."

--National Security (Doublethink) = Excuse for Tyranny installment, national monitoring, and organizing the obedience of the Nation to it.

*--Fiscal Cliff (newspeak) = Smoke and mirrors buzzword introduced to discourage ANY critical economic thinking beyond it.

-- War Hero (newspeak) = One who kills another, for no reason other than he was told to do so by a third party.

--Republicans vs. Democrats (semantic) = A slight variation as with the difference between Coke and Pepsi.

--Constitutionalist (Newspeak) = Potentially dangerous reactionaries - also "anti-government people" "with Confederate ideology".

-- Nobel Prize =

-- Journalistic integrity =

-- Diversity is strength (Doublethink) = By being alone and not united you are stronger.

--Food Stamps =

--Natural Food Products (doublethink) = A naturally grown product yes, that could or could not be altered genetically in the most unnatural way.

--Collective rights =

--Sharpshooter (newspeak) = A sniper, who is killing people the U.S. approves of.

--Politically Correct (newspeak) = Officially Expected to be Morally Subversive (by statement or omission).

--Global Corporate Citizenship (doublethink) = corporations who choose to be good citizens of the world and good stewards of the environment, when its actual purpose is making us all citizens of global corporations under a world government.

--Free Trade Agreements =

--Homeland Security =

There are endless amounts of saddening examples. And that is unfortunate.

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Monetary inflation

Monetary inflation (newspeak)= A hidden tax on the dollars saved by every citizen in the US and even businesses dumb enough to invest in our bond programs.


Bureau of engraving and printing (doublethink) = bureau of counterfeiting and inflating.

Where's the list of tongue-tied politicians' dumbest remarks?

Where's the list of tongue-tied politicians' dumbest remarks? Which, in this case, would be Rep. Steny Hoyer's recent remark that



"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"


Wasn't a real word until a politician (Warren Harding) mistakenly used it instead of the proper "normality" in a speech. Instead of correcting his English language skills, the media praised this new word coined by the president, it came into common use and was added to the dictionary. No offense to the late Harding, I actually like him because he didn't do anything...besides coining "normalcy."


National Defense (Newspeak) = Where as the best defense is a good offensive, offense.

Thanks Missy.. The list could have no end though...

Bipartisan (Doublethink) = Term used to fool the American people into believing the 2 parties are not the same, and that they are working together in your best interest. Though the bills that they pass are almost always done to help their political contributors and special interests.

Great list

You already listed most of the words and terms I thought of.

"Experts." News stories often say "Experts say blah blah blah" without mentioning names or proof of expertise. Or people with intelligent, but dissenting views are written off out of hand because they're out of line with establishment "experts" who hold a degree in medicine or poli-science or whatever.

Women's Liberation = enslavement of women. Women used to have the option of staying home and raising/homeschooling the kids. Govt. became addicted to the extra income taxes flowing in from female workers and now it's nearly impossible to rase a family without both parents working.

Feminism = erasure of difference between masculine and feminine. Feminism tends to be related to a subordination of traditional female roles and characteristics (wife, mother, childrearing, nurturing, gentleness, etc) to the masculine or a-sexual (women in the military, lesbianism, rejection of marriage and motherhood).

How About ...

How many news stories lead with these phrases?

1. "Studies show ..."

2. "The general consensus is ..."

3. "The latest poll indicates ..."


Good ones!

Due Process = An early

Due Process = An early American tradition that is now often deemed to be a privilege, or unnecessary all together. See: Death of Osama Bin Laden, Anwar al-Aulaqi, Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi, Christopher Dorner, list of CIA assasinations.

The art of language

The art of language manipulation is not lost. Governments have never met a euphemism they did't like.

Department of Defense - Department of War

Undocumented workers/Illegal immigrants - Illegal aliens

Free Trade - managed trade

Politically Correct - Censorship

anti-Zionism= anti-semitism

Politically Correct 'news speak' equating any criticism of AIPAC, the ADL, the SPLC, or any other organization or person of Jewish persuasion, with hatred and Naziism.

Executive order (newspeak) =

Executive order (newspeak) = a law that surpasses the constitution, and the congress. By the order of the current king of the U.S.

Investigative reporting

We went to the investigators, and this is what they had to say.

"The rich man writes the book of laws the poor man must defend, but the highest laws are written on the hearts of honest men."

Generally accepted (newspeak)

If it's generally popular, it's generally right. And that's how we're going to report it.

"The rich man writes the book of laws the poor man must defend, but the highest laws are written on the hearts of honest men."

Intellectual dishonesty

I don't really appreciate the professional embarrassment you caused me by destroying my fallacious argument with sound logic.

"The rich man writes the book of laws the poor man must defend, but the highest laws are written on the hearts of honest men."

No room for my favorite?

--Extraordinary Rendition (Newspeak) = The practice of kidnapping, shipping to a foreign country, and torturing innocent people for fun and profit made legal.

--Enhanced Interrogation Technique (Newspeak) = Torture made legal

--Family Planning (Newspeak) = The practice of stealing money from people and then spending that money on murdering babies for fun and profit; made legal.


All are good and I will add

All are good and I will add them soon, ty.

Point of update.

-UPDATED to this point.

Out of status new Americans

WASHINGTON—During opening statements for the first House Judiciary Committee hearing addressing comprehensive immigration reform, the top ranking Democrat on the committee urged his fellow members and the witnesses present to avoid using the phrase "illegal immigrant" during the daylong proceedings.

"I hope no one uses the term 'illegal immigrants' here today," said Committee Ranking Member John Conyers of Michigan. "Our citizens are not illeg—the people in this country are not illegal. They are out of status. They're new Americans that are immigrants, and I think we can forge a path to citizenship that will be able to pass muster."

More: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/top-democrat-judiciary-co...

Kosher Conservative

Corporate Personhood

Corporate Personhood (Newspeak)= Rewriting of the bill of writes to serve corporate interest as opposed to individual interest. Since corporations are people, they are still serving the "people".

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Conspiracy THEORY

always a "theory"!

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

--Conspiracy Theory

--Conspiracy Theory (newspeak)= A) A horrible piece of information that is yet to be confirmed or denied. B) A statistically unlikely set of coincidences.


And once its not a theory, its not a conspiracy. Its a fact.

Also, conspiracy theories are around forever. Doesn't matter if they are proven wrong at all.. Only if they are right.


Manifest Destiny = Sorry you dont know how to write, but we have to take this, from sea to shining sea. Have a smallpox blanket. Or let us massacre you while you sit in peaceful protest.

Indian reservation = A place to go die, or to wait to die, until the US finds a resources there and kicks you out again.

Indian reserve = like a wildlife reserve. only the government waters with alcohol.
I can never approve of the Hitler move the US pulled on the Indians.

Obamacare's Technical Name: The Affordable Health Care Act (2008


It is not only unaffordable financially, but unaffordable morally, and as a Republic.

But that man should play the tyrant over God, and find Him a better man than himself, is astonishing drama indeed!~~D. Sayers
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


Ha! Nice one!

Yeah, it's "so affordable" that if you opt out (b/c you can't afford) you hafta *pay* a penalty!

What would the Founders do?


Freedom = The people I approve of and agree with in charge

Sustainable Development, LOL!

Sustains land development corporations' ability to take over private property through government thuggery (imminent domain) in the name of "protecting the environment". These corporations get tax breaks, government money (our money) and then can sell the living units / whatever / lease green space use back to the public for big $$$.

Also related:

"PUBLIC INTEREST MEETING" = Delphi Meeting, to give the illusion to people in the community affected that they have some say in the matter... when they really won't be listened to, and the questionnaires they fill out will be thrown in the trash afterwards. Anyone who dissents will be ridiculed and verbally smacked down by implanted Delphi-technique wielding "activists".

Beware of cyclists' organizations--they are often pawns used by development corporations to push the agenda.

What would the Founders do?