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What is a bigger threat to the United States?

It has been a long time since I participated at the Daily Paul but I wanted to share a poll that my local Congressman is conducting. Vern Buchannan is not exactly one of the "good guys" even to the extent any are left after the departure of Ron Paul but perhaps he can be nudged in a better direction if he sees it as increasing his liklihood of winning another election.

The poll is "What is a bigger threat to the United States?"

The choices are

Terrorist attacks

Economic threats

Erosion of civil liberties

Military attacks from other nations

I voted "Erosion of civil liberties" but my main concern with this poll is that neither "Terrorist attacks" nor "Military attacks from other nations" comes out on top.

Here is the URL:


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I voted for "economic threats"

Terrorist attacks are less of a threat than lightening, military attack from other nations is not a threat at all, erosion of civil liberties is a great threat, but economic liberty is even more important, plus declining economic conditions empower the state to "do more" in all spheres, including making war as a distraction and taking more civil liberties in the process.

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