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Are Domain Names Intellectual Property?

With this Ron Paul and stuff going on, I have a question for everyone out there. Let me preface it with the following:

It seems as this is the case (going by what Ive read) regarding the whole events:

Person A voluntarily agreed to a contract which stated that Person A agreed to having a mutually-agreed upon 3rd Party settle arbitration if Person A or another person needed to settle disputes. One of these includes disputes over acquisition of intellectual property. Domain Names fall under this definition of intellectual property, and so we can conclude that Person A agreed to legally abide by these guidelines.

Because the registrars had it registered in Australia, Ron Paul chose the international body, which apparently has UN connections.

If this is correct, then Ron Paul has not broken any law, and is trying to legally settle a dispute the very way outlined in the contract signed by that the registrars of

So if this is all correct, we see that we only have one question to ask: do we agree in principle with what he is doing?

Even if I'm incorrect in my analysis, it leads me to ask:

How many out there in Daily Paul Land believe that domain names are intellectual property, and that you, as a sovereign being should be allowed to represent themselves with their own domain name? I guess what I mean is this: do we have, as human beings, the natural right of intellectual property to their own domain name?

I'm interested in your opinions. I've struggled with this issue over a few years, quite honestly.

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