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CNN just said L.A.P.D beefing up security for tonight's Grammy's because of Dorner

Do you think he will make an appearance? What song shall he sing?

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Rambo did not draw first blood, the LAPD did!

Rambo did not draw first blood, the LAPD did!

$1m reward for ex-LAPD officer

Used to be like 100 grand for helping find a fugitive. Thats what happens when the bearded one keeps the printing press locked on MAX speed 24/7


I Hope Dorner Is Real

and not just another stupid made up false flag they intend to use to get us to accept drones hunting down people. First terrify the people of LA then send in the inept cops that shoot up innocent civilians, THEN send in the wonderful savior drones that end up finding and killing the evil lunatic. Sound right? Someone else here posted that dorner = droner. No big surprise that HE would be hunted by them in a high profile way.


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I hope you are right, skippy!

I, like you, must also respect that it could be a false flag.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Don't worry.. the drone that replaced seal team 6 will get him

Just remember. Nothing that you see on TV is real.

Fake headline news on the half hour has replaced Dukes of Hazard.

But don't worry... the same cameramen, writers and stunt men are still employed to give us the news.


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My wife just brought up a very good point...

With all of the cops at the grammys, chris could have an easier time going about his "business" somewhere else!

The lack of intellect in the LAPD is astounding, isn't it?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Yep their reputation - sad

Lots of brutality, maybe some roidies. The nature of man! That we know of... the only thing that separates us from animals - God.

the so called

musicians and artist attending the grammy's will be fine. Dorner isn't after them. Dorner is seeking revenge against the LAPD and certain specific individuals that he thinks screwed him over...and he is probably right about that.

Right now Chris is probably laying low and watching the LAPD run around like fools. Once they tire, he will continue...and repeat the process again...and again...until he makes a mistake. For now he is laughing his ass off at these fools.

I fear the rogue cops more than I fear Chris.

Very Dangerous

Putting all those poorly trained, lousy shooting cops with itchy trigger fingers so close to that defenseless audience is a recipe for disaster.

Given as LAPD is his target

having them there is putting people in danger.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Dorner sighting~ Near Northridge Fashion Mall in Southern CA

From twitter feed:

NewsBreaker ‏@newsbreaker

BREAKING: Christipher #Dorner reported sighting near #Northridge Fashion Mall in Southern California - LAPD on scene -

I don't think they will interrupt the Grammys for that.....or maybe the perfect time to do it when most of the sheep are watching the tube.

He was picking up his tux


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What the hell for?

To think he would attack this venue is ludicrous!

This is just to create fear among the people. The people have nothing to fear...its the LAPD who are targets.

This man has said he will go "stealth" and take out as many "high value target" cops as he can...one at a time. He is NOT going to show up at the grammys, for Christ's sake.

That is beyond funny.

Now, if you told me the cops were coming out to use the grammy attendees as their own personal shields, I could believe that!

I understand they are not coming out in public as much by themselves so this could be a way to ensure they get their 40 hours a week...all show up at the grammys! (Not a bad gig if you can get it.)

The LAPD are a bunch of scared, ignorant thugs and this one incident exposes them.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

why not?

the whole thing seems like a made for tv movie.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Kelly Clarkson "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"

Sorry to joke.

I'm So Sick Of The MSM

The media and LAPD are TRYING trying to scare people.

They've been doing this a lot lately.

The media makes it seem like we can't even handle a bad blizzard.

Yeah it was a bad snow storm - but you know what? We'll be okay.

What's with all the hand-wringing over every little thing??

I'm getting more concerned because this is how liberty is destroyed.

False flag on the way?

A Grammy shooting? Some clown in a "Dorner costume"? And they dump his already dead body on site after a shootout with the fuzz?

Seems absurd, but so goes reality these days....

What would the Founders do?

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How Smart is that?

He's hunting cops, so a large number of cops are going to be put around innocent people.
A set up by the Government?

Like the old lady in the Wizard of Oz.
I'll get your gun and your magazines too.

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What song should he sing?

Well, if he is brazen enough to show up probably... I Fought the Law and the Law Won


OOOPs! I didn't see your post

Great minds think alike!

What did they estimate? 1,000 officers pursuing?

Well, conservatively if even 500 officers at $80 an hour = $40,000 an hour chasing a guy that they don't really even know for sure is related at all to any shootings other than Quan and her boyfriend. And that does not include the helicopters, fuel, vehicles and other equipment associated with LAPD efforts. Just means next year they can include in the budget for more taxpayer dollars to be misappropriated and spent on their own selfish programs. If an ordinary citizen is murdered, the people are lucky to get more than a cursory effort any more these days. If you are murdered inner city Detroit, they probably just take a report and move on. The priorities in our world are so upside down.


Dorner Grammy Songs: Lonesome Fugitive by Merle Haggard

followed by the death row song, "Sing Me Back Home"


Grahm Parsons does a good version of the 2nd song


And I have to throw in Keith Richards' version:

I couldn't find the Flying Burrito Brothers or Byrds version

I remember when G.P died. I was devastated.

I had his pictures all over my room when I was a teen.

A comment on youtube from the Keith Richards version I thought was nice:
"Whether you enjoy and appreciate Richard's vocals is personal business. The fact remains is that he sings in perfect key. Like his voice or not, the man has got the soul and at the end of the day if you got the soul...you got the goods."

Ha Ha.. This one man has done more to expose "law enforcement"..

Ha Ha.. This one man has done more to expose "law enforcement" and show how vulnerable, corrupt and incompetent large police departments are than anyone else in recent history.

He has only fired a handful of shots and yet the entire states of California and Nevada plus all federal agencies and officials west of the Rockies are ducking and taking cover.. digging into their cowardly fox holes to keep from being his next victim.

Every Patriot needs to pay attention now... If one man can strike this much fear into police agencies at all levels then can you imagine if there was more than one shooter? Even a handful of autonomous individuals carrying out uncoordinated (but similar) attacks?

What if others started doing hit and run copycat attacks right about now, before he is caught? Cops would start turning in their badges I tell you. Just like Mexico, the cops quit when they get scared.

Our government would declare a state of marshall law within hours if another two or three similar attacks were carried out by others.

We would have Cops shooting civilians before asking to see identification... it has already happened (with the lady newspaper carriers shot down for throwing papers) and this situation is about to explode if anyone else joins into the fray.

I certainly would not want to put on the uniform of the gangbang'n LAPD right now.

If I was LAPD I would fall down like Hillary Clinton and get a doctor to diagnose me with a blood clot so I could skip out on doing my patrols.