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50% of people remember they witnessed fabricated news events

Here is a very interesting study taken from UC Irvine, where they tested over 5000 participants' memory of past political events and whether or not they believed they witnessed completely bogus ones along with them.


"participants were asked about their memories for three true and one of five fabricated political events. Each fabricated event was accompanied by a photographic image purportedly depicting that event. Approximately half the participants falsely remembered that the false event happened, with 27% remembering that they saw the events happen on the news."

The numbers are quite simply astonishing. It is entirely possible a percentage may have lied, but one must ask whether a volunteer interested in the outcome to a study they are partaking in would in fact lie.

The most shocking result of the study?

"Political orientation appeared to influence the formation of false memories."

Liberals believed they remembered negative stories about the right, and vice versa.

The full paper is available for download.

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Jimmy Kimmel - Lie Witness News


Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

I remember watching that, and

I remember watching that, and to be honest I have a strong feeling it's fake. Some answers they gave seemed far too detailed for me to believe they just came up with on the spot when dealing with a question that pretty much slapped your memory across the face.