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The Constitution Of The Confederate States Of America

What was changed? And why?

In 1861 six states of the USA seceded from the American union and declared themselves independent. They formed a new, rival country known as the Confederate States of America. In the months that followed, an additional seven other states quickly followed suit, slicing the former United States of America into two clearly-divded rival factions.

The Civil War that followed has become a major event of American historical lore. Countless books, reenactments, and commemorative plates have all been churned out in the decades since. But why was the Civil War even fought in the first place? Hell, why did the Confederacy even exist?

Modern-day Confederate apologists insist the South only separated in response to legitimate political grievances, claiming that the South was being unjustly being pushed around and oppressed by a tyrannical federal government dominated by northern politicians who had no respect for "states' rights," federalism, and local sovereignty. Everyone else insists the Confederacy was founded for a much less noble reason, namely to ensure slavery could remain legal at a time when much of the country was uniting against the practice.

We can get a good glimpse into the founding principles of the Confederacy by taking an in-depth look at the Confederate constitution, which was approved, and came into use by the rebel states on March 11, 1861. The document is largely a word-for-word copy of the United States constitution, but with several key changes. The changes offer the clearest window of insight into how precisely the CSA intended to be different from the USA, and why.


History can be studied through online schools. Don't forget to take a look at pictures of the Civil War too.

Before we get into a line-by-line comparison, I should point out the general, minor changes that occurred during the revision process:

All references to the "United States" were changed to the "Confederate States;" references to the "Union" were changed to "Confederacy."
The CSA's constitution's punctuation, capitalization, and in some cases spelling, are all updated from 18th Century to 19th Century English standards.
The CSA constitution numbers its clauses. In most cases, each paragraph from the US constitution is numbered as a single clause, but in some cases the CSA merges multiple clauses into one big one, or breaks up long paragraphs into several smaller ones.

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That was a very interesting read

thanks for posting

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

It was actually a weaker

It was actually a weaker government than the U.S. Constitution had. It eliminated the supreme court, and the president had one 6 year term.

It wasn't weaker in

It wasn't weaker in application. The CSA anctipated the central economic planning of WWI and WWII actually nationalized industies. The Union never went that far.