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US To Use Drones In Chris Dorner Manhunt


And once Dorner is found by remote-control, it will be again up to drones to secure his "elimination." If for no other reason than to perform a ground test of just how the recently enacted drone-facilitated extermination of US citizens sits with various instances of the US judicial system.

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a training op

for future operations....against all of us.

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Drones will NEVER find him!

How could they?

They have to be programmed on just where to go and they don't have a clue where to go!

This is just a method, a backdoor way, to incorporate DRONES against ALL Americans.

So video gamers in Virginia can "train" themselves up.

Pathetic bastards.

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Yeah I highly doubt they will

Yeah I highly doubt they will find him with a drone or 10.