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Why is this not Front Page News? Immigration Bill is a Trojan Horse for National ID Biometric to be Enforced using Drones.

And, it's on the fast track, bipartisan in the senate, Rubio is part of the "Fantastic Eight". Ron Paul has issued his warning. As Dr. Paul says, anytime you have the government reform something, it's going to get worse. Anytime you have bi-partisanship look out. McCain and Amy Klobachar are on CSpan's Thursday GE US Manufacturing & Immigration discussion. They plan to introduced in the immigration bill and supposedly will correct our 16% loss in tourism since 911 (long waits for travel visas). That would make it international. So creepy. Base Immigration is at -0- and they can't seem to control the border. Thank goodness that Rand P will give his "teaparty" response to Tuesday's State of the Union.

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