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Liberty and The Daily Paul - International Phenomena

About a year ago I started a blog at wordpress.com. Two weeks ago I had a link to it in my signature, and was surprised to see how many people from other countries clicked through to it:

United States 317
Canada 11
Sweden 5
Belgium 5
Norway 5
Germany 4
Republic of Korea 4
Thailand 3
Russian Federation 1
Switzerland 1
Romania 1
Spain 1
Finland 1
Czech Republic Republic 1
Colombia 1
Australia 1
South Africa 1
United Kingdom 1

And replies came in from all over when I posted this:

So now in working on an article about China and The Liberty Movement I'm trying to compile some hard data on how big liberty is internationally. Won't you please help me with this?

Please click on this link to an article I posted especially for this experiment:
Liberty Starts From The Center Out http://localizeliberty5050.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/liberty-...

I will post the tallies daily so they are not lost.

Thanks to everyone!

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There's a problem with the stats I listed...

...They included over 130 page views in the 2 days after Chris Kyle was killed, many of which were search engine hits not Daily Paul hits. Therefore some of the countries listed above shouldn't be there but I don't know for sure which ones...

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.