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Money Vs Currency

Much confusion exits about money and currency. (Note the color assigments.) As you have no doubt figured out, the IBLs (International Banklords) like it that way because it blows out a natural smoke screen that plays right in to their greedy pockets. Farmers Credit Tickets was left as simple as possible to make it interesting for you. Its purpose was to get the basic idea of money across to you. Here, now, is an explanation of the difference between money and currency.

Two concepts exist that must be understood. If you don’t grasp these two concepts, the banklords will continue to enslave you by making you work for them for free. Not too good a thought, is it? So, let’s fix it. Okay? Good. The two concepts are

1. Money is unreal, meaning imaginary, intangible.

2. Currency is NOT money, but merely represents money.

read more: http://www.uhuh.com/unreal/moncur.htm

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Money is just any medium of exchange ...

... with paper currency being one of those forms of money.

Coins are another form.

Gold is another form.

Salt has been used as money (the word "salary" comes from the latin word for salt, because Roman soldiers were paid in salt when other forms of money were not available).

"Money," per se, may be an abstract concept, but so what? It's not like they are two completely different things. It's just that currency is one concrete form of the abstract concept of money.

This article sums up the difference better than I could...

so I simply reposted it.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.