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Obama Reacts to Dr. Benjamin Carson's Damning Speech VIDEO

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Not that I condone misleading

Not that I condone misleading headlines, but I do compare that Carson, a likewise handsome man, can speak without tele-prompters; is a true Christian who lives by his ideals; is a true American who understands its history; is uniting rather than dividing in his approach with the American people; believes in the best of people, rather than display a contempt for US citizens as the sitting president does. The list can go on and on. He strikes me as a genuine scholar and a gentleman and that his wife would also be a genuine scholar and a lady.

4th Speech This Week

If this is his 4th speech this week, he wouldn't need teleprompters. He's also among the people.

Public speaking, though important, is not really on the top 10 qualities a president needs to have. I just wish Obama wrote his own speeches.

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If Dr. Carson will do it...

He will become the greatest President this country has ever known.

He will become a President that Dr. Paul, G. Washington, T. Jefferson, and J. Kennedy would be proud to see piloting this great ship we call America.

Dr. Benjamin Carson, please, accept this mantle. Your country needs you and we will fight with all of our lives to protect you!

Dr. Paul will help you. Judge Napolitano will help you.

This man, truly, has "gifted hands".

I have just watched the movie of Dr. Carson's life called "Gifted Hands". Watch it...and behold our next POTUS!

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Still Stuck

in the "change the people in office and change the world" paradigm aren't you? It won't work like that. Until people change their thinking about how things work, nothing will ever get fixed. 2x2 does NOT equal 5 no matter how much you have been told it does!


but are you sure you know

but are you sure you know where he stands on policy


sold his soul for the presidency. I truly beleive this. He looks and moves like he has a wrench in his stomach, he knows drone strikes are MASSIVELY illegal. But he sold his soul.....

You Are Mistaken

He never had one to sell!


What Reaction

other than sitting there clearly thinking " I need to have a drone take this guy out asap"? You could see it on his face! He even acted pissed that Michelle and Biden clapped at certain points if you watch hard enough to notice! Maybe he will put THEM on his drone hit list too! Hah!



I was hoping that this would come out.. who authorized the release? lol

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

This is great

This is great

Southern Agrarian