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Too Close For Comfort? There is an asteroid coming!

Next Friday there will be an asteroid passing by that will come closer to the Earth than the orbits of some satellites. Talk about a close call!

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I'm Proud of My Part in the Prep

I can't tell you how many copies of Asteroids I sold for the Atari 400 and 800, back in the 80's. I'm proud to have contributed toward the large talent pool of asteroid blasters.

What do you think?


for the newer generation (and us old farts too!)

3D Asteroids

I'll be outside with a

I'll be outside with a bullseye on my head.

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How large is it

How big is this asteroid?

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About The Size

of the meteor that hit in Arizona. Pretty big.


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Too large to find it something fun to watch, should it crash

Too large to find it something fun to watch, should it crash on earth, as I understood it:

50 meters diameter ~ 150 feet. Wouldn't be fun at all.

It'd be big enough to redo the thing they have in Arizona. Or maybe more.

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What if...


Interesting article, the first I've seen of this tidbit

"The asteroid will pass most directly by Antarctica"

I hope it doesn't have any large degree of magnetism. Something awfully bad could happen. I wonder if they've taken that into account?

"Asteroids — rich with metals such as iron, gold, cobalt and platinum — in recent years have become of great interest as potential mining sites"

They mention that yet fail to reveal the makeup of the asteroid in question. I'm sure they've done an analysis. If someone knows what it is, please post a link.

Like I told my sis

If your watching television and it suddenly goes out, then you should have a good clue as to what happened!
I don't have any TV (nor want any) so I wouldn't miss the TV satellites. Might be the best thing to happen in a long while, if it took out all of them!



You are correct.

I wasn't paying attention when I typed that quick note.

Are you the new English teacher?