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non-signed in persons most view list for the general public, wind outside the small well

we are interested in what the public is interested in, we want to know how they see us, get a sense of the outside world not in the libertarian small well

why do we rate threads by what the choir thinks? the space is so tight it's suffocating, infighting is all we do, we're like mice trapped in small cells, behaving just like them. rate most viewed threads by what non-members think or at least just rate them by the indiscriminate internet traffic, member or non member,

seeing how daily paul gets 100k view per day, unless you're suggesting there are 50k trolls daily on dp to impact the interest count.

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Good idea. Many of us tweet these posts to twitter

I tweet lots of these posts and I have 1,343 followers, which is about average for someone who has been using twitter for a while. I tweet to people who have over 2,000 followers and they re-tweet my posts. Lots of people are coming to view this sight and don't sign up or log in. I tweet to lots of journalists, politicians and news shows. MSM whether they like it or not, are getting to see what lots of other people are thinking. They may not report the truth, but at least they are finding out the public is not drinking their B.S. and they are looking stupider every day. It would be good to see and let them see what Joe Public is thinking.

air is becoming foul with old soap

i see this more as a long term survival issue.. the interest count must be open to the public

actually, why not have a neo-con interest thread for one or two, or a socialist thread. you want air from the public. dp can be a gathering place to debate ideas, not just bicker over rand paul's unwillingness to take up that last 20% bit of libertarianism

surely to figure out what opposition thinks, all methods are not about just following the msm