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CISPA is back

Just making sure everyone is aware. They will always try to take over the internet and finish off our freedoms of speech, but there may be new legislation soon. Take the proper precautions, sign petitions and do whatever you can to throw any new legislation in the House or Senate, regarding censorship, out the window.

"House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers pledged Sunday to revive his cybersecurity legislation "as early as this week" and suggested Congress punt thornier reform questions until later this year.
Referring to his bill, known by its acronym CISPA, Rogers said lawmakers ought to "go for what we can pass in a bipartisan way," even as the White House prepares an executive order that would go a step further and try to develop new security standards for the nation's most critical infrastructure."

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/02/mike-rogers-pledges-to...

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