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About that asteroid...


OK, we are a little slow and our aim is bad. Lets try a little harder next time, we need it to hit a Bilderberg meeting, or Davos would be OK....
And gang, a little smaller next time. But thanks, G, I appreciate the reply...

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Didn't the news reports

the crater(hole in the ground)was only 6 meters in diameter????? a meteorite????

is this the flashing comet or

is this the flashing comet or meteor that you can see in night sky since the beginning of december

Fishy!! It sounds like an ICBM

What do ya think?

DA 2012-14 or whatever it is

Buddies hanging out with the big asteroid. It flies by today, inside the satellite orbit. There was bound to be some, at least it seemed so to me. I did not expect anything that big, but we have a very large rock BETWEEN us and the moon right now.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


We almost got the G-20!
Good effort, better luck next time!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.