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Blood-Sucking, Welfare-Dependent Poor People Are Not Forcing the US Into Bankruptcy

By Roger F. Gay

Spending is out of control. Politicians can't get enough of other people's money or even imagine a theoretical limit. The Big Media driven discussion is, predictably, as whacked as ever, pushing dishonest stereotypes and promoting social identity wars in place of being honestly informative. Someone, other than the people who actually control the spending, must be blamed.

At this point, I must admit that I've grown tired of endless uninformed argument and commentary on the question of “entitlements”. In all likelihood, the word doesn't mean what you think it means (at least in this context), and in fact, the US is not approaching bankruptcy because of a bunch of blood-sucking, welfare-dependent poor people who think everyone else owes them something.

You need not be concerned that both social security retirement benefits and support for needy families are classified as “entitlements.” If there are laws for providing help to the poor, then anyone who meets the legally prescribed requirements is “entitled” to benefits (if they apply, etc.). The decision on whether an individual receives support is not arbitrary, but based solely on the legal description for eligibility. If the law itself is discriminatory or illogically arbitrary, then courts may find it unconstitutional.

What this means, ultimately, is that politicians can't grant government support to pay prostitutes and bar bills. Wouldn't it be nice if such restrictions were enforced against presidents arbitrarily granting huge sums to political friends and campaign donors (Al Gore, Solyndra, ACORN, etc.). And here's where the real problem lies, in cronyism, even in the welfare system.

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read collapsereport dot com to find out about welfare abuse

There are some pretty horrific programs out there, all done by the states and cities.

The worst is LA's babysitting program that gives each family 1800 a month EXTRA for watching each others children. In reality all the kids run free in packs and each family just uses the extra money on crack.

Another program is unregistered marriages among mexicans where 45 yr old men marry 15 year old girls. girls get welfare and housing and the men live with them yet earn 20,000 a year cutting lawns under the table. Yah its a 80,000 a year lifestyle all funded by our dumb government. Do we have anyone checking for this? nope. Do we have anyone checking for disability fraud. Barely.

Most military people who are in it for a career also abuse their disability programs as well. not the 800 per month federal one but the money rich one. police and firemen do the same. its free retirement at 40 or 50 all paid by you and me.

We spend 60,000 per welfare family and blacks have multiple kids by 18 to qualify for the section 8 housing. its a really sick system.

I believe we should simply give EVErY american who earns less than 30,000 a year 20,000 bucks and be done with it. Every one who earns less than 60,000 should get 15. And every one who earls less than 100 should get 10. Everyone who earns less than 200 should get 5. poof. done. no programs to administer, no thousands of beaurocrats salaries. nothing.

collapsereport dot com

What, don't they sell the National Examiner at grocery store checkouts anymore?

Correlation does not prove causality!

That is true but they are

That is true but they are also pouring gasoline onto the bonfire of statism requesting larger and larger government assistance programs.

Southern Agrarian

Here's what you're up against

Federal employees to rally on Capitol Hill against cuts

Correlation does not prove causality!

It's Seems Irrelevant Now

The bankruptcy will come regardless of the "reasons". Look at Greece. Worse than that is on our doorstep. There is no need for politicians to cut welfare spending or defense spending. We already know they are incapable of retraining themselves in any way.

The "market" is going to solve the problem for them. A financial collapse will likely limit the politicians to spending only what they are able to raise in revenues (which will be a fraction of what it is now). Forget about deficit spending altogether. A bond market collapse will end those "good 'ole days" for years to come. Instead of everyone getting everything they want, politicians will go back to fighting each other viciously over the smaller pie the market allows them to have. Most all of us will have to learn to live with less for a while.

I notice that the neocon

I notice that the neocon radio shows are hitting the entitlement meme very hard. They pretend that the Pentagon budget and the unncessary wars have nothing to do with the debt. And they fail to explain that our "leaders" have been robbing the SS Trust fund to pay for these wars and bloated "Defense" budgets.

if they don't finish the job just yet, 66% entitlement

the people they vote in will

Spending is way beyond welfare


ecorob's picture

Absolutely true, rfg!

But this is how they are characterized so as to whip we, the people up into a spastic frenzy about them.

This GREAT country could take care of everybody in it (who really needs the help) if we would just STOP FUNDING THE IMPERIALISTIC WARS!

But these imposters in "control" use the downtrodden as whipping posts.

They use those of us who have paid into Social Security for all of our lives as some sort of thief seeking an "entitlement".



Then, we can begin to fix this country.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

They're playing ...

... Ye Olde divide and conquer trick. I've grown impatient with those who see the guy who's kicking them in the face but still repeat the argument that it's someone else's fault. I don't even remember falling for that in grade school. (Metaphorically ... didn't actually let anyone kick me in the face either.)

Correlation does not prove causality!

ecorob's picture

YES, Divide and Conquer is their mantra!

They did it when they killed the Kennedy's and King.

They did it in the 1970's when we, the people had racism on the run.

They did it in the 1980's when the CIA ran the drugs into LA.

And they are doing it now.

Look for a person to unite the whole country and then you will see the REAL opposition to Liberty rear it's ugly head!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Lame, very lame.

Reminds me white Republican men who did not say a word when thier white Republican wives supported affirmative-action. The men understood that they may be denied an opportunity at night should they voice a protest.

I suspect the poster' relatives are sucking on the government or he himself is sucking on extended unempoyment or other government program. The guilt forces him to write such a lame post, so we can all concentrate on bankers instead.

Oh please, the biggest

Oh please, the biggest Welfare Queens are the rich. In a free market with no special privileges, small independent farmers would do better, and large agribusiness corporations would do worse. So, I don't expect to see a free market any time soon. Each year over $300 billion in corporate welfare goes to agribusiness corporations, roughly six times the amount they spend on anti-poverty aid. It is more than the total income of the 1.2 billion poorest people in the world.

I suspect ...

... you didn't read the article; or just tend to choke on facts. Otherwise, go ahead and defend your support for big, over-spending, corrupt government.

Correlation does not prove causality!

People are collectively immoral, so what do we want?

People are collectively immoral, so what do we want?

There has always been corruption and entitlement among the leadership and their toadies. But we generally had the moral wherewithal to prosecute them for their crimes.

A sense of entitlement and privilege has seeped down from the upper echelons of power to the man in the street, who thinks he's someone special compared to everyone else.

Me-firsters are uninterested in promoting decency and justice. They wouldn't want to see someone prosecuted for corruption because they might be next. And so we see corruption and privilege accelerating. And the consequences are building and building.

We few watchdogs are still allowed to call them out and accuse them of corruption. But they know there is nothing we can do about it. Having been defanged, the watchdogs' barks are all that's left.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

ecorob's picture

I reject that argument!

People are, collectively, moral and righteous.

But when you remove morality and righteousness from the State, then you get what people have become, collectively immoral!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Comparing our arguments leads to one philosophical conclusion

In comparing our arguments -- mine that people are evil, yours that people are good -- to our agreement that the state is ultimately responsible for the collective behavior of a people, leads to one philosophical conclusion:

People must be morally vacuous, truly dumb animals to be trained for the circus.


"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Eventually, all "entitlements" should be phased out...

It is an illusion that the government can ever give back more that it robs from the productive of a society. The bureaucracy must always take its cut in the name of administrative costs.

I've helped out many friends financially or otherwise over the years. However, I should never be forced to "help" someone that I do not know. If you think I should, I could use a few extra dollars and will send men to rob you if you don't send it to me. And by the way, you will incur the responsibility to pay the men I send to rob you as well.

The world doesn't inherently owe anyone anything. Likewise, I don't owe the world anything. I can't justly rob you. You can't justly rob me. Somehow, when people use a government agent as the middle man, they rationalize that the robbery is just. Indirect theft is still theft.

The main problem with welfare dependancy isn't financial.

It is political.

Every lazy person sitting around receiving a check is another vote for the people who allow them to do so.

A hoard of poverty-stricken people without government aid looking for answers is exactly the thing that could tip the scales in our favour. That's why welfare exists.

It isn't ...

... the hoards of poor people (more in this economic depression of course) who are organized and controlling politics. The bureaucrats do that. The article points to the fact that literally 100s of thousands of new, entirely unnecessary government positions have been created in the past few decades. They are extremely well organized and out to suck your blood and cooperate with other unions of government workers as well. Face it; the hoards of bureaucrats represent the modern political equivalent of the army of Genghis Khan. Poor people are fighting for their survival along with everyone else, only it's harder.

Correlation does not prove causality!

yes...and the blood-sucking warfare dependant corps are...

worse...far worse at bankrupting this nation.

AND we're at war for something we don't even need, OIL.
We have all the oil we need in alaska and elsewhere in this country.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

It's not the oil that we're after,

like you said we have plenty of oil for us AND could even export it if we wanted to: it's to safeguard the oil trade which is made in US dollars (Petrodollar). That's the main reason why the US d0llar is still afloat, other countries HAVE TO deal in US d0llars for their oil transactions therefore the demand for US d0llars is always there. The main motive behind all the US wars in the last 40 years has been that, the Petrodollar. Basically our d0llar is not backed by g0ld or any other asset or even the good credit of the American people, but by the military, it's nothing more nothing less than an empire based on coercion and violence...

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

We have been convinced that

We have been convinced that the lying poor are the source of all of our society’s ills as they try to con us out of a $100 electric bill, or defraud the food stamp program in order to buy liquor or cigarettes. As if these nickel and dime indiscretions pose some kind of real threat to our economic system. We have been blinded or desensitized to the fraud that is at the core of our government that are the lying rich who are stealing trillions of dollars and even waging wars to make it happen, and they obtain the authority to commit these crimes by doing the work of charity that is the Christian churches mandate directly from Jesus. We focus our attention on the tiny speck of fraud that exists at the edges of our system, and use it as an excuse to hold on to our money. We then turn a blind eye to the log of fraud that is at the core of our system, a fraud that must steal our money via taxation and use it to feed the poor anyway in order to maintain the authority to continue to perpetuate their crimes! Let’s just feed the poor ourselves! Let’s build systems that can tolerate the inevitable fraud that will happen when we actually interface with needy humans, but that cannot tolerate fraud with regard to the principles the systems was designed to operate upon and that don’t create a centralization of authority that is inevitably used to oppress us!


yes, welfare is just a distraction--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The biggest issue...

is defense spending. We don't need and can't afford our huge bloated military presence, and trying to police the world has been a fruitless and expensive effort. The first "entitlement" that should go is the profits that defense and oil cronies feel entitled to at the expense of our soldiers.

I don't play, I commission the league.

I agree