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"So God Made A Liberal.."

"So God Made a Liberal…"


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There are no more dangerous people than socialist liberals. They are the enemy of this nation and they think they are it's savior. At some point, the two sides will have to have it out.

Very good

I think you just found today's Paul Harvey.(if anyone even remembers him) lol

I Use To Listen To Paul Harvey Every Morning Back In The 80's

The Best!

Oh no,

you must be old like me. lol Paul harvey was one of a kind, could have listened to him all day. So now, emalvini, you know 'the rest of the story'.

Yes, I Do!

I'm an old fart, but young at heart and very handsome..


*chortle* I enjoyed that.


I enjoyed that. Thank you.

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I Enjoyed Bringing It To You!

Thanks for posting!