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Ron Paul clarifies "live by the sword" comment


He certainly stirred things up a bit with that comment. I don't see this as damage control, Ron Paul doesn't do that. Unfortunately the media is so stupid they needed him to elaborate, and I think he did a fine job.

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the article

People didnt understand the context of that statement, myself included. It was widely assumed it was pointed at a singular entity when in fact it was pointed at an entire system.

Thanks for posting this article. I appreciate the clarification.

Know me, and you will know of the men and women that forged my soul.

Excellent article...

...by the good doctor. The neocons will keep the fingers in their ears and tune out these words of wisdom; but it was the explanation I was waiting for.



Watch Out

Watch out for the "politically correct," PC police.

We know the doctor better than to think he suddenly changed his views or meant to inflict harm on veterans as a group. It's only people who don't know him who jumped to conclusions.

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It should not be surprising ...

... that he who kills other humans for no moral reason is himself killed for no moral reason.

I Still Don't See What's Wrong with Ron Paul's Comment

At first I was aghast that Ron Paul was so insensitive, but by the third time I read the quote I really understood it.

"Chris Kyle's death seems to confirm that 'he who lives by the sword dies by the sword.' Treating PTSD at a firing range doesn't make sense."

When he says those who live by the sword, he's not literally talking about all military veterans who literally have swords and guns. He's talking about people who live by the philosophy of living by the sword. Meaning... those people who would take their friends out to a shooting range to treat PTSD instead of seeking personal help or a psychiatrist. Or those parents who beat their children into submission rather than using discipline. Or those people, if insulted with a racist name, who would straight up punch the other guy instead of ignoring racist comments or talking it out. Or, in an example we're used to, those nations that would wage pre-emptive wars on other countries to "stop them from attacking us."

When you live by the sword, or when you live by a lifestyle that stresses violence, then that is most likely the fate that waits for you. Dr. Paul did not literally mean those people who have weapons at home for defense will die by those weapons. Complete nonsense.

I was taken aback when I

I was taken aback when I first read the tweet. After thinking about it a bit, I came to the conclusion that RP was purposefully trying to stir things up a bit, and get people talking. He is not known for playing politics, but for some reason thats how this came off. I believe his goal was to counter the media's use of the story to glorify the military and our foreign policy. Perhaps it was also a litmus test to see if the winds are changing at all. Based on the reaction of most people, things are not changing much.

Lame rationalization

When people cannot think rationally, they rationalize their dogma (accepted as blind belief.)

RP quoting Jesus was lame for a simple reason - Jesus quote was a generalization without a context that has not correlation to reality. When Ron Paul used that in the context of Kyle death, it did not make any sense. Jesus was still weighing whether to accept Kyle to paradise while the 150 muslims killed by Kyle Jesus had already assigned to hell.


...someday you will cease simply mocking us and putting words in our mouths that many true Christians do not believe.


we have been at this for some time already. Who is true and who is not true Christian I have no ability to tell. If you accept that a soul can be destroyed rather than placed into hell, paradise or limbo, then that does not make you any more logical or faithful.

God is the judge...

...of who has truly repented of their wandering away from His light and who is thus in that way, truth, life that Christ is, as our Mediator, our High Priest.

There are many who even profess to be Christians to whom Christ will say, depart from Me, for I never knew you.

Some Christians will say that is the end of the story for those in that boat; others say that He will seek out the most desparately lost sheep to the uttermost, beyond death, waiting for them to truly lower the defiant fist, after they are face to face with the Truth in the outer darkness, with no self-imposed barrier of rationalization and excuses between it and them.

Either way, my personal plea is for everyone to seek God through Christ while He may yet be found in this earthly life. Everyone knows in their heart whether they are shaking their fist at the light and retreating into darkness. End of preaching :).

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I down voted you

because your post is just plan racist (muslims deserve "Hell") and ignorant (You want context, read the Bible verse quoted, and surrounding texts.)

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa


hurt feelings drives you mad. Like socialist-progressives, you use "racist" for no reason. Jesus does not condemn Christian Arabs or Christian Iranians to hell, only non-Christians, muslims included. I do not believe in religion or hell, so I have no position about who deserves hell or who does not. What about RP, will he put muslims into paradise?