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I wish Ron Paul would issue a public statement regarding his beef with RonPaul.com

Such a proponent of the free market should negotiate with the owners of the domain. If the parties' differences in marginal utility are not favorable for or lead to a deal, then so be it.

In my opinion, Dr. Paul is losing future revenue and tarnishing his reputation by the actions in question. Personally, at this juncture, I do not plan to donate any money to him in the future.

I wish he would issue a statement.

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They support themselves.....

They support themselves..... Could the owners (not from the USA) actually even donate to the campaign? Do we know for a fact they gave one red cent to the cause? Does Ron know something we don't?

The point is they have got away with making a what appears to be a lot of money off internet traffic alone.... in some very grey areas of using someones name and image. They should be happy and give the name up now that the owner wants it... In my eyes Ron could take this a lot farther.

Are You Sure They Are Not

from the USA? Any appeal had to go to the UN group because the internet is international and that's part of the agreement to hold a domain.

Whether they donated themselves or not, I don't know, but they certainly brought in a lot of people who did donate.

Whether he is technically or legally right or wrong, Dr. Paul is shooting himself in the foot with this action. It will do his cause more harm than any good he will get by wrestling away the domain this way.

Fork over the 250K, offer them 100K and a link to their new site, or something.

Domain ronpaul.com: JNR

Domain ronpaul.com:
JNR Corp
Apartado 29832, ElDorado
Ciudad de Panama, PA 00000 PA

Administrative contact:
Technical contact:
Billing contact:
JNR Corp
JNR Corp
Apartado 29832, ElDorado
Ciudad de Panama, PA 00000 PA
Phone: +507.64938568

Record dates:
Record created on: 2000-11-22 18:05:56 UTC
Record modified on: 2013-02-10 21:15:01 UTC
Record expires on: 2020-11-22 UTC


We don't know Ron's dealings

We don't know Ron's dealings with them. Has Ron spoke to the owner? Has the owner sent more than the one letter? According to the owners they sent a letter and received a law suit. I'm sure at some point we will hear the whole story. Until then we have what is in the complaint and what the owner has said to go on. Alex Jones or another will one day question Ron on the rest of the story.

Seriously, who cares about

Seriously, who cares about this? Why should he even issue a statement? It's his own personal business, which does not, in any way, affect outside parties.

He did... read the case!

Too many are falling into the trap of listening to others ignorantly rant, but failing to look at the case itself.

It is simple to understand. they tried to hijack his name and property for nearly a million bucks, and got caught!

Yep and even now

Yep and even now ask for a email address when entering the site.... right under Ron Paul's photo no less....

It's a good thing your

It's a good thing your opinion is just that..... I look forward to seeing the Doc on WWW.RONPAUL.com

If the "Ron Paul Community" had any ASS on it

We'd pitch in and buy it for him. $250K would take ONE DAY. I'll pledge the first hundred bucks.

The RonPaul.com guys have a product for sale. If we want it, let's buy it. It's the FRRE MARKET AT WORK.

Dr. Paul's move is reasonable

People have a legitimate property right in their name, likeness and celebrity. If RonPaul.com was the home website of some dude name Ron who posted family pictures and blogged about his hobby I'd support him 100% against Dr. Paul's claim. But RonPaul.com is about the Ron Paul who wants to have the rights to the site which bears his name.

I tend to agree with this analysis:

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

don't forget

there is the good sweet dr paul

and then there is ron paul inc ran by family who seem "very wanting" to cash in on every penny while the the chance exists

i see ron paul and carol,,,, and then there's the family
i've seen this in action at a couple of different events---where family would boss him around and make the rules and brush off supporters etc and not to doctors liking---you could see on his face---"like what's the big deal" but the family won out

is dr paul at home saying---hey that's the free market---and the kids yelling back about money this, your name that and they're stealing from us!!!!! and finally dr paul throws up his hands and doesn't resist???

I love it when the same

I love it when the same people who damned RP for letting the crazy newsletter guy publish racist things decades ago are now also up in arms about RP trying to stop some guy from using his name and likeness in the same way. RP can't win either way with some people.

I also love it that the "I don't compromise" people have come full circle to the point where not even RP can meet their standards.

I guess it's a slow news month, but this can't be the most pressing liberty issue right now?

That is along the lines of what I am thinking

I say perhaps there is something going on at that site that he wants to put an end to; after all it has his name on it (like the dreaded newsletters).
I refuse to judge him. Some people couldn't WAIT to kick him. My God, is he still a threat to these a%%hats who want to link him to the UN???

Don't categorize me, sir...

You don't even know me.

Accountability shouldn't have a stopping point based on popularity.



You want him to issue a response? REALLY!


Your Name is "Honor GOD"

and you tell someone on DP to GFY? REALLY? Typical


For your INFO


My name is TIMOTHY and the Greek translation is Honoring God.. so,... G.F.Y. you ignorant neophyte.

Your the TYPICAL jump to conclusion FOOL.

A fly-by-night

Member For 1 year 1 month 20 days PUNK too boot!

There Have Been Lots Of Things

I wished Ron Paul would do since I had my first Ron Paul moment. None of them happened. I donated around 600.00 to his campaign with the hope that he would at LEAST get nominated and at the crucial time when actions on the part of his campaign could have made or broken us, they just simply QUIT! AND Rand endorsed Romney DURING that crucial time period! I wished he would be more aggressive to the RNC, I wished he would at least ADDRESS the corruption and show the sleepocons that there WAS a Ron Paul and not just rombombya. I know neocons that swear up and down that there were only the two to choose from. I don't have much faith in any ONE person anymore. I just hope Ron Paul keeps teaching the youth about how things really work. If I owned that website I would gladly give it to him I guess though I don't know all the details. But I don't think Ron Paul should focus too much on that. After all I would go to ANY site that I knew was his no matter what it was called.


Remember when supporting Ron Paul in 2007 - 2008 was a liability

He was considered crazy, kooky, conspiratorial.

Then he became popular with the enthusiasm of grassroots activists. People were running across interstate highways to post his signs, donating their paychecks to "Google Ron Paul" blimps, spending time after hours blogging online, etc.

Financing your activism is not profiting off of Ron Paul. And even if it were, the profit motive is noble.

He's coming across as a hypocrite and ungrateful. But it's a not a bad thing. It's a reminder that we're all human and shouldn't adulate celebrities, esp politicians.

it's only noble when you have other means of supporting

yourself, lol.

i didn't donate 1000 bucks in 08 to help kick start the movement so you can pocket your share and demand 250k from ron paul. what is this, double tax? i pay for a parasitic model by helping ron paul get name recognition, my remaining donation then takes another cut in the 250k share you want to charge from campaign for liberty? who the hell you think you are? your financing? why don't you cut me a slice too, cus i am pretty hell sure i donated more than you both election cycles.. people talking like they deserve it.. that's a slice of my remaining money saved at C4L you want a cut of in the courtesy of 250k. get a real job deadbeat

i contributed 1/6 of my college saving in 08 then i found a real career, now i hear people living off ron paul justifying him paying them some of the remainder of the money i donated to him in 08/12.. fuck off.. yes that money comes from C4L, where the else eff do you think it comes from, genius

$6k for your college

$6k for your college education. That explains your communication skills.

Look whose talking? He

Look whose talking?

He donated $1000 at the beginning of 08's campaign, and also stated donating more, later.

I wish people would go look

I wish people would go look up the meaning of the word "Arbitration" in a dictionary instead of making reactionary threads. Im sure the Establishment loves when idiots post this kind of nonsense. Maybe you should be worried about your actualy enemies instead of trying to throw your best allies (including THEE best ally) under the bus every time you see something you don't like?

How many of these stupid copy-cat threads are going to pop up before you trolls are happy? How many times have people explained that arbitration is not the same thing as "confiscation in court?"

How many people have to explain that the UN is the only body who conducts these arbitration hearings?

Worse, @#$% those traitors at RonPaul.com. Extorting the man who gave them a movement for over $100k to use his own bloody name. If they had any decency at all, they'd have given it to him with a bow on top the SECOND he asked for it, because everything they have reaped out of it was BECAUSE of him. If there was no Ron Paul, they would have sold nothing. They've made cash off his name, the least they could do is support the @#$%ing movement by letting Dr. Paul use his own name to further our cause. Vultures. its disgusting.

Why don't you go find things that neocons are doing wrong?

Arbitration: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbitration

Magwan, here I go +1'ing you again

The world is upside down. lol

When it comes to hero worship or standing on principle,

I'll stand on principle every time.

Ron Paul is in the wrong here, IMHO.

What exactly here is

What exactly here is offending your principals? That Ron Paul wishes to enter arbitration? He isn't trying to sue or take by force anything. Arbitration is the cornerstone of any sort of libertarian contract law. We have no idea what sort of arrangments or agreements they have had now or in the past. Clearly there is something or he wouldn't be trying to go into negotiations (arbitration).

Even if they don't have any agreements, Ron Paul is asking for arbitration because he believes he has enough of a legitament stake in the URL to enter negotiations over it. I believe he does as well.

The people making money off of RonPaul.org/.com only have this income "because" of Ron Paul. He is the product they have been selling the entire time. They want to charge him $250k for a website that would be worth nothing if not for the man who they are trying to gouge over it?

I don't think Ron Paul has a legal case here, but then, he's not trying to sue is he? Arbitration is the better option, and is valid. Clearly these guys are assholes, and no one can force them "not" to be assholes. If Ron Paul was trying to use force to take the URL, that might be one thing. However he's not. So what we are left with is a couple of parasites who want to make it harder for Ron Paul to carry on the fight. It begs the question, did these people ever care about the cause, or was it just a money making stunt? There's nothing wrong with making money, however I will certainly be looking elsewhere next time I want to buy something for the cause.


Me too.

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.