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Stop the Confirmation of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense

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From: The John Birch Society

On January 7, 2013, President Obama announced his nomination of Republican former senator of Nebraska Chuck Hagel to replace outgoing Leon Panetta as Secretary of Defense.

The Secretary of Defense is second (only to the President) in the military chain of command and directly oversees the Department of Defense and the nation’s armed forces. This makes the selection of this cabinet-level position of the utmost importance concerning national security, thus requiring a scrupulous vetting of the nominee.

A careful examination of Chuck Hagel and his record in the Senate reveals that he is more than just unfit for the position but is also likely to severely debilitate or compromise United States national security.

As a member of the Senate, Hagel voted in the following manner on Defense issues:
• NAY on separate barracks for males and females in basic training
• YES to kill an amendment that called for sanctions on commercial fronts of the Communist Chinese military
• YES in support of China’s membership in the World Trade Organization
• YES on the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty to reduce U.S. nuclear stockpiles in parity with Russia

On May 14, 1998, Sen. Hagel voted to table (kill) the Hutchinson Amendment (S.Amdt.2387) to the National Defense Authorization Act of 1999. This amendment would have required the President of the United States to “compile a list of persons who are Communist Chinese military companies and who are operative directly or indirectly in the United States or any of its territories and possessions,” and to “publish the list of such persons in the Federal Register.”

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'Hagelian Dialectic'

I am somewhat surprised no one has mentioned the voting machines and the former Senator????



Ummmm, any better choices for Obama?

I mean, I know we all would oppose every single nominee of Obama for anything. (Romney too!)

JBS is wrong on this.

JBS is wrong on this. Pick your battles people - Hagel is not so bad, focus elsewhere. It's like attacking Rand...

I agree with you; however, if

I agree with you; however, if Rand votes against Hagel, even as he voted for Kerry, he will deserve much criticism here for pandering to the Becks, Hannitys, Levinss and Likudiks. This is a major test for Rand. I predict, sadly, that he will fail it.

I Predict You Are Wrong.


Wrong about what? My

Wrong about what? My prediction that he would vote against Hagel has proven all too true.

Sounds like a witch hunt...

Hagel won't be calling any shots anyhow. He's just a placeholder.

On the other hand, you could give some of McCarthy's people a call.


Maybe this is a little harsh, but if folks are as awake as they claim to be, then why do they not realize that anyone the PTB installs will be just another puppet? Figureheads are they all. Or maybe I'm just another disgruntled conspiracy nut.

"The rich man writes the book of laws the poor man must defend, but the highest laws are written on the hearts of honest men."

the Birchers aint what the Bircher used to be.

might as well go to see what SPLC, ADL, and AIPAC say. You will get the same drivel from them. Tainted info that does not strengthen our country by following the Constitution.

How do you know JBS isn't what it used to be?

I am not asking because I reject the notion. I want to know how and why. Educate please. Thanks :)

The anti-Hagel campaign makes

The anti-Hagel campaign makes no sense from an objective standpoint. If Hagel is defeated, the alternative will be far, far worse. What possible reason could the anti-Hagelites have for enabling the appointment of a Secretary of Defense who is a clone of Panetta, Susan Rice, or Kerry (because that is what will probably happen)?

If Hagel perfect? Of course not.....but the alternative is far worse.

I'm just wondering where the

I'm just wondering where the critics of Hagel where when Kerry was nominated. Curious minds would like to know if they complained when Rand voted FOR Hagel.

Posters below, I appreciate your input.

I will form my own opinion, but would appreciate votes up/down in the main thread to get an idea of leanings.

I value down votes just as much as up.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Okay....what is your input on

Okay....what is your input on this specific issue? Please give me one, just one, reason to believe that the likely replacement will not be much worse. If you cannot provide such a reason, what motivates you to push this campaign?


I am not pushing a campaign for or against regarding this.

I have other things that I am working on for the Campaign for Liberty meeting Thursday, between work and chores so I don't have a whole lot of time to vet everybody for every position [though I would like to]. I doubt that I would have much influence on whether he gets the position or not, but I was wanting feedback from fellow Liberty folks as to whether I should contact my state folks.

I know that it is a sore excuse for not researching myself as everybody 'should' do, but I am pretty stretched and exhausted working local/state.

I read your post above, thanks for anything that you could share :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Thanks! Since Hagel is far

Thanks! Since Hagel is far superior to the possible alternatives, I can't understand why anyone is even giving a first or second thought to such a campaign in the first place. After all, nobody here did anything here to fight Kerry's nomination.

Brother Nathaniel's website speaks about how central banks dont

like Hagel at all.... realjewnews.com

I love how the internet will show you all points of view no matter how narrow or broad.

I'd rather him over Panetta because Panetta is a agent of the banking house and knows nothing but politics...

not to say I like Hagel because I still know very little about him.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

• YES to kill an amendment

• YES to kill an amendment that called for sanctions on commercial fronts of the Communist Chinese military
• YES on the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty to reduce U.S. nuclear stockpiles in parity with Russia

I see these as good things? Sanctions are an act of war, and we can reduce the number of nukes we have 100x over and still have enough to blow up the world.

The other two I don't care much about, we shouldn't antagonize another country because we don't agree with their policies, we should focus on our own, and the other is a matter of discipline in the military more than a matter of national security.

End The Fed!
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And what War Pig would you replace him with?

Hagel will help shrink the DOD wasteful spending. Hagel won't jump at chances to kill brown people and Muslims and play policeman of the world.

Sorry, but he'll kill anyone

his controllers tell him to. Remember, he kissed and made up with Israel.

And this is not true of any

And this is not true of any possible alternative because.....?

actually, its true

of all of them who could win conformation, that is my point. But, I actually like Hagel more than most because at times, he has been very honest.

We generally agree. I think

We generally agree. I think that that the chances are about 90 percent that Hagel will be a total shill for the military-industrial complex. Because the chances of that happening is certainly 100 percent for any possible alternative, however, I think he should be confirmed. These days you take what you can.

This is a VETTING process.

I welcome up/down votes but I would like clarification and others perspectives :-)

"This Institute for Policy Studies’ endorsement of Hagel is significant considering that Secretary Panetta also had ties with the IPS during his early years in Congress. It should be noted that during the Cold War era, both the IPS and the Communist Party USA acted as front organizations for the KGB and the Soviet Union. Even today, the IPS continues to work with Marxists within the United States to bring about their desired brand of social changes."

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul