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Lawyer calls Torrance police shooting reckless

TORRANCE, Calif. (AP) — A lawyer for the driver of a pickup peppered with police bullets says Torrance officers were reckless in their search for fugitive ex-Los Angeles cop Christopher Dorner.

Surfer Dan Perdue was driving to the beach early Thursday when his Honda Ridgeline was stopped by officers guarding the home of a law enforcement official targeted by Dorner.

The pickup resembled Dorner's Nissan Titan.


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Reckless does not even begin to describe that homicidal behavior

"Gangland style drive-by shooting" kind of describes it.

"Nazi style shooting"

"Red Chinese executions"

"Stalin purge"

Can you imagine what these two detectives would have done to these women if they were at the controls of a drone armed with Hellfire missiles. Maybe they would have accomplished more if they were at the controls of an armed/armored police TANK.

I really doesn't matter how much firepower that you give these proud, over confident, low-IQ cops... they are going to misuse it and abuse it.