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Committing to Plan B

Yeah, we are in for the fight of our lives with these new voting laws but damn it Ron Paul and our Liberty is worth it. I think we need to prepare for Plan B just in case he doesn't win the primaries. I'm not projecting negativity but if he does not get the Republican nomination I don't want to lose the momentum we've got going here and waste too much time being disappointed, depressed, ____________ (fill in your own adjective). We can still write in his name. I think we should be prepared to continue our personal campaigns to elect him as a write-in candidate or something like that. I know he said earlier he wouldn't run under the Libertarian party if he doesn't get the Republican nomination but maybe he will change his mind. He definitely has more confidence and belief that he can win than when he first entered the race. Let's make a commitment to go the distance with this man. How's that quote go, "Life isn't worth living until you find something worth dying for."? Live Free or Die!!!!

I couldn't find any laws that say he can't be a write in candidate but I don't know all the places to look so if anyone else has anymore info on this that would be great.

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Q re NH Primary

Which part of NH uses paper ballots? Does it cover the larger area of population?

Let's think about this

What would be the purpose of a 3rd party or write in campaign? If its as a protest that's OK but if its to elect Ron Paul President then some things need to be considered.
1st Paul ran as a 3rd party candidate in '88 he received about 1/2 of 1% of the vote and didn't carry a single state. He and his campaign spent most of its time and resources fighting to get his name on the ballot in the various states. They spent very little time spreading his message. The last 3rd party candidate to win any states was George Wallace in '68. He finished a distant 3rd and ran a mainly regional campaign in the south. RP would not be invited to any debates that involved major party candidates. He would receive less attention from MSM than he's getting now
2nd if Paul ran as a write in it must be remembered that no write in candidate has ever had any success running for president. We don't vote directly for president, instead we vote for electors the winning electors vote for president. In most states a write in for Ron Paul would be counted as a vote for a resident of that state named Ron Paul to be an elector. Here in Connecticut a write in candidate must be registered with the Secretary of State or the vote won't be counted. In order to cast a write in vote for president I believe we have to write in the names of all the electors. A write candidate would not be invited to any debates that involved a major party candidate and he would get less media attention than RP is getting now.
Do we really want to put RP through this? Victory is highly unlikely. Remember our candidate is 72 years old and has spent a good 30 years fighting this battle. If he loses the GOP nomination maybe our cause would be better served by re-electing RP to Congress. I can promise that the Neocons will wage a primary battle against him. That's a battle he can win with our help.

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write ins bad... but Libertarian ticket good...

You bring up valid points, but Libs have a good track record of getting ballot access which would leave RP to spread his message. There are a lot of factors coming together this election that I think may make a third party run winnable, not just as a protest, if handled properly.

However, that being said. Whatever happens happens, and I will keep fighting in whatever direction the campaign guides us in.

Check the vid out that I posted below, it's very interesting to watch...


The Philosophy Of Liberty -

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Can't wait....

We are definitely to the fighting stage. And now we know how they will fight. Thank god we are passed laughing, who could stand to listen to Rudy's witch like cackle anymore.

Here is the thing though. The country is ready for a third party. If at the top of his game, he made a big deal about moving to the libertarian ticket because of the way the Republican party has set themselves at odds with their own stated beliefs, etc etc. It would come off a lot better, win some attention, and let us carry our momentum into an immediate shift to general election campaigning which would give us virtually a 1 year head start on everyone else who still has to go through the primaries.

Since RP is focused on positive campaigning and not attacks, we can do that regardless of who the opponent turns out to be.

By the time the actual election comes around, we could have already been doing general election campaigning for a year.

And if the Libertarian party can be convinced to run him (with the endorsements, I doubt this would be a problem) I think we could turn that into a huge advantage.

Just thinking out loud, as I am sure RP/campaign staff have a strategy and I hope they keep us informed.

Found this great Libertarian video on ballot access. And wouldn't you know it, Ron Paul was mentioned... :)


The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Plan B, be a Delegate, and it's not just the GOP

The "Fat Lady" hasn't sung yet!! This is premature conversation. Don't let the response that the GOP is trying to invoke - FEAR and PANIC - take hold. And don't forget the tremendous Straw Poll voting outcomes. Though they are not all strictly monitored, I do believe they are GOP straw polls, and Ron Paul has placed 1st in approximately 40% of them. Look at New Hampshire. They love him. Stay the course and stay focused!!!

ALSO ... there is something we all can do, and that is become a delegate - COVERTLY - and get Ron Paul elected anyway. Let's call it the Paul for Prez Surge Mission. It doesn't sound that difficult to accomplish. This site tells how. http://www3.webng.com/ronpaul/becomedelegate.html

Additionally, please remember, there is no difference between the so-called top tier Republicans and Democrats. They all have the same agenda. If you subscribe to some theories (call them conspiracy if you want), according to the grand plan of One World Govt, Hillary was selected, by the powers that be, to be the next president. (Notice her extreme confidence during debates - like she has already won. She doesn't even answer some of the questions.) She is part of the fascist cult. This is not the GOP trying to stop Paul, this is big, big, big money and the people/crooks behind it. The real people promoting policy. Ron Paul would be a disaster to their bottom line.

But ... he is the only candidate with growing momentum. The laws of physics are with him. Keep the momentum going!!!!

College Campuses can be a key

The Ron Paul team needs to enlist the help of celebs to help him take his messege to college campuses around the country. He usually get's a great reception, and this younger generation is about FED up with being FED lies and BS from our so-called leaders. We are ready to be energized!

Any college Republican Party group would be thrilled to host a Ron Paul forum, and promote his appearence, or that of a celeb stand in. Not to mention the local press, which feeds to their National press corps. Try the model out in Iowa. It seems to be quite the pivotal State. Call it the Ron Paul Campus Crusades. After all, Ron Paul's policies will have more effect on this generation than any other........that needs to be pointed out big time. Our old grey haired generations have already spoiled our punch by allowing our government to get so out of controlled anyway. And we weren't even aware until we got internet literate.

When Ron Paul is given the chance to clearly articulate his ideas, people eat it up!

alan laney


We waste to much time discussing this. Maybe there won't be a 2012 election, maybe this is it. We better keep our focus on this election. If he doesn't win in the primary then we can discuss what to do next. Think of ways of raising money, connecting with people get busy. Stay with the HERE AND NOW!

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

here and now!

Yeah, guys we can't take our eyes off the prize, it's not anywhere impossible, no matter how much the MSM say it is. We CAN and WILL win, it will be hard hard work, but it will pay off...

2010 Congressional Races

Win, Lose or Draw we need to get candidates elected to the House of Representatives. It might be good to get them lined up for 2008 but it may be splitting up too much of our efforts. So after this election, we should start working immediately on the 2010 Congressional Races

Plan B

Okay, I have given "Plan B" a great deal of thought, here's what I think our winning strategy could be. The revolution's success these last nine months, I think we all agree, has been nothing short of astounding. Anyone who understands the freedom message knows that once it's fully embraced no alternatives make sense. The problem in the past (when Dr. Paul first ran in 88 for instance) was the complete and utter lack of an ability to bypass the mind-numbed media. Libertarians were forced to go into a hornets nest of zombie statists such as the morton downey show, (search for the Ron Paul downey clip on youtube to see how bad it once was) in order to try, in vain, to elucidate the public to the benefits of Liberty. The Internet has completely changed the game, which is why the totalitarians in government are desperatly trying to gain control of the web. This of course will not happen anytime soon, the cat is out of the bag, and even the Chinese are having difficulty controlling their populations web-habits. The technology is simply growing to fast to put the genie back in the bottle. So, here we are less than a year into this centuries first real revolution, and Dr. Paul is quickly coming to own the internet. Why? Well, I 've gotta use the "F'' word, Freedom! He has made it clear he intends to keep the internet as a world-wide avenue for free-thought and commerce. Most netizens appreciate his "I don't know much about it, but I know enough not tamper with it" approach. Now, we all know that the four "first-tier" candidates for President hillary, obama, guiliani, romney, have been planning to run for at least four years. Meanwhile our man had no plans to ever again aspire to the oval throne before he was drafted this year. Okay, still with me? This is what I'm getting at... WE NEED MORE TIME! Now we all know the Doc aint getting any younger. but this revolution needs time to mature and grow. Financially, and in the depth of its believers understanding of it. The people need to understand how government programs and laws can be eliminated without the Earth falling off its axis. The majority of our populace is not yet ready to open their minds to the ideas and responsibilty associated with liberty. They are, sad to say, brain-washed. However, we the people are waking up. And the net is enabling us to realize we've been asleep at a breathtaking rate. Okay, i'm rambling . My point of this rant is summed up in four numbers. 2012!!!!! No matter what happens in regards to this years primaries and the general election. I have come to believe that in four years at the rate this movement is growing the RP revolution will be unstoppable. Let's say that RP does'nt get the nomination next year, regardless of who becomes prez I think we can pretty well asume the world will continue to go to hell in a hand-basket. Iraq will likely continue to be a disaster, the economy will be that much closer to collapse and the lamestream media will still be diverting our gaze with paris and britney. However Dr. Paul and the freedom movement will be raising millions of minds and more millions of dollars. Just think of Dr. Paul essentially leading a govenment in exile based on the organizing power of the internet, but having immediate realworld effect through his supporters using their check-book and sheer power of numbers over their elected reps. Imagine hundreds of thousands of calls demanding an end to unjust, unconstitutional laws. All the while "the Peoples President Ron Paul' will become known as the most influental man in America and by the time 2012 comes around he will be the presumed frontrunner. The one essential element in this plan (some would say delusion) is that Dr. Paul must keep the revolution going regardless of whether he chooses to run third-party next-year or not. He should not "bow out' if unelected next year but keep running all the way to the 2012 election. If he is willing to continue the fight for the next five years we will stay with him, and our numbers can only grow! Okay it's two o'clock in the morning, but i'll have more details on this plot in the coming days, most likely in the form of a youtube

I'm staying the course for Plan B and C if necessary

Thanks for your deep thoughts. I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet even if he doesn't get the nomination. I am committed to seeing him take office in 2009. More time would be great and yet like you said he isn't getting any younger. I know he is in great shape and may have the stamina to take office in 2013 but he might not and I really don't want to endure another 4 (four) years of this hand-basket trip. And I hate to bring this up but there is another possibility...you know, Aaron Russo is no longer here to fight the good fight with us...God forbid, enough said. Let me tell you something - we discussed some of these problems in my college classes like paper money not having any backing, national debt, income taxes (although I didn't realize it went against the Constitution at that time) and I've complained about it (at least to myself) for years but never had hope of changing it. It was like I was in a holding pattern waiting for Ron Paul to come along. I never voted and didn't get involved in politics too much because it seemed to bring out the worst in a lot of people. I think there are a lot more people out there who have been waiting. I think the perfect time to act is now BEFORE the government starts regulating the internet. I'm committed to Plan B but hoping we won't need it. If we need a plan C because A and B don't work...well, then I'm committed to that to.

Revolution Website...

Plan B is keeping the Revolution Alive for 2012. For that, I am interested in creating an AWSOME multimedia website, the headquarters for the Revolution past election day.

Anyone care to help out? Join me... trey4600atyahooodotcom

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

Great minds think alike!

2012 has always been thought to be a year of revolutionary change for the planet. Perhaps RP could be the agent of that prophesy.

Worst case scenario

we could draft him for a Unity 08 ticket, but if you think RP is getting little MSM coverage now, imagine him as a 3rd party, almost impossible...


My plan B is going for Unity 08

We've come this far with the internet, I think we could go all the way with it. I'm sure many on DP will disagree but I'm all for a Ron Paul/Mike Gravel ticket.

Before you scream, take 10 minutes and watch this interview. Then tell me they couldn't work together.

Look At All The Happy Creatures

Problem with that...

Is that, if anything, Mike Gravel is characterized by the media as even *more* of a "kook" than Ron Paul. Any 3rd party Paul/Gravel ticket would be characterized as an "old-men" ticket and would be denigrated into oblivion.

Ron Paul needs to win the Republican primary, and then have a solid younger man as a running mate -- someone who solidly believes in the same principles and the philosophy of freedom as he does (no compromises like happened with Reagan taking on the snake Bush crowd in 1980... THAT was the root cause of the grief and NWO we've had growing for the last 20+ years... everything from Iran-Contra thru Iraq 2).

The torch will have to be passed to prevent the whole thing dying on the vine. Then we have to get lots of younger people into elected positions to turn the whole tide.