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Oklahoma State Rep Seeking Nullification Of ObamaCare!

This was pretty cool:


Great to see Tom Woods brilliance influencing my local government!

A local rep here in Oklahoma gave a speech in which he held up Tom Woods book on Nullification and advocated that we use it to overturn ObamaCare.

Today the Campaign For Liberty send me an e-mail telling me to urge my state health committee members to support house bill 1021 to nullify ObamaCare. I've personally spoken (through e-mail) with my rep, Jon Echols and he's very aware of nullification as are many house members he said.

NULLIFICATION IS OUR SECRET WEAPON TO GAINING BACK OUR SOVEREIGNTY AT THE STATE LEVEL. Please watch the video, but more importantly - call or e-mail your local representatives making them aware of Tom Woods, his website and on nullification. If you live in a conservative state you can create a very powerful ally on this.