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Heinous State of Texas found guilty again. Judge frees man convicted in '81 stabbing after new DNA tests point to new suspect.

CORSICANA, Texas – A 58-year-old Texas man who spent half his life in prison for a murder conviction has been freed after DNA testing pointed to another suspect.

Randolph Arledge was allowed to go free Monday by a judge in Corsicana, about 50 miles southeast of Dallas. Arledge was convicted in 1984 of stabbing a woman more than 40 times and leaving her body on a dirt road. He was given 99 years in prison.

But prosecutors and Arledge's attorneys with the national Innocence Project agreed that Arledge should be released after DNA tests on a hairnet found in Carolyn Armstrong's car turned up a near-perfect match for another man, who's still at large.

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My state is so

effed up with this stuff. Or maybe not, at least we are letting people out after the evidence is shown.

Another reason why NO ONE should be put to death without DNA and undeniable evidence. You can take you motive, and opportunity and shove it up your arsh.

And if that is not bad enough

And if that is not bad enough if he had children he will have to pay back child support and could go back to jail for child support evasion --

Case 1
Ya gotta love Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott. Anthony Graves was in prison 18 years after determining he was inncocent. The State of Texas has a law that gives compensation to the wrongly convicted. If a person is convicted who is actually innocent, the state pays him/her $80,000 for each year in prison. In Graves’s case that would mean $1.44 million. But State Comptroller Susan Combs, refused to pay Graves a penny because the judge who signed the order failed to include the magic words “actual innocence” in her order. So, according to Combs, she has no authority to pay. On top of that the Attorney General - Abbott wants child support obligations he accrued during his time in prison paid. It seems Graves got an invitation to speak at a college near Houston about his experience with the criminal justice system. The college was so pleased to get Graves that it paid him a modest ($250) honorarium.
But Graves never got it. Abbott garnished that too.

Case 2

Wrongfully convicted of rape and incarcerated for 17 years, a Washington State man owes the state $111,000 in child support for the time he spent behind bars. He not only has to pay the state $111,000 that it never would have spent if it had jailed the right guy, but it refuses to do the honorable thing and compensate him for the 17 years of normal life he whiled away behind bars.

The Washington State guy owes the State

money?!?!? So the mother and child are out of luck as well? Sad.

That is sickening!


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