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WWF to start using drones to protect wildlife against poachers

Truth is stranger than fiction...

I imagine this has more to do with the US military handing out drones to politically expedient sources, in order to make us feel better about the use...

Apparently WWF has been using drones in Nepal to date???


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The WWF is a branch of the

UN, as is UNESCO, UNICEF and most other things starting with "world" and UN. Not one of these organisations gets a cent of my money by way of donation any more.
If the WWF had any brains, it would flood the market with the ivory dump it has, and collapse the market, making poaching not worth it. But they don't, so the poaching goes on.

I found it odd that they said that these have been deployed

in Nepal to find rhinos???

The Dr. didn't have much insight, and the station it was broadcast on is Canada's NBC (ctv), which makes me think that this is a PR piece being forwarded by interested parties...

just a thought

Who's Going To

protect the wildlife against the drones? Isn't the WWF one of Rockefellers fake charities?


From my wife's experiences in Africa

Poachers in Zambia are shot on sight. I don't really see this making life any worse for them.