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How Raytheon's Rapid Information Overlay Technology (RIOT) Can Track You Online


Article from Raw Story:

The power of Riot to harness popular websites for surveillance offers a rare insight into controversial techniques that have attracted interest from intelligence and national security agencies, at the same time prompting civil liberties and online privacy concerns.

The sophisticated technology demonstrates how the same social networks that helped propel the Arab Spring revolutions can be transformed into a “Google for spies” and tapped as a means of monitoring and control.

Using Riot it is possible to gain an entire snapshot of a person’s life – their friends, the places they visit charted on a map – in little more than a few clicks of a button.

Read the full story at Raw Story

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Great tool for Assassins

how special

yes, that is why I am trying to reduce my reception to 0

I do not want to be known as a costipationist any longer.



I Have Posted Two Threads Now

asking DPers to please read the PRIVACY POLICY for Google. Not the whole user policy JUST the privacy policy and tell me what they think it means. I have had ONE response saying they would read it and get back to me. I think this is an important issue but I can't get ANYONE on DP to even acknowledge it. I shut down my youtube account over this but get nadda interest from dp. It's aggravating to me because you guys are my sounding board! Oh, and if I have to make it personal to you all, if you have a youtube account then YOU agreed to that privacy policy! You have to have a google account to have a youtube account since they took it over.


Your a good man

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There's also DuckDuckGo:

There's also DuckDuckGo:


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Thanks Michael

I have no fear.
Just wrote this poem -- it says it all.
Evil has NO chance to win on this planet!
It can ONLY pretend it CAN win -- that's all.

This planet will be restored.

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