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Judge Napolitano on the Unusual Circumstances Surrounding the Manhunt for Christopher Dorner

Judge Napolitano on the Unusual Circumstances Surrounding the Manhunt for Christopher Dorner

Fox News | February 11, 2013


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They will never stand for the

They will never stand for the use of an armed drone to take him with associated civilian body count but I'll bet to good money they would love to use a drone to take him down. They want new expensive toys and the right to kill by robot. Someone needs to read some Asimov when it comes to the dangers of robot warfare.

No way

There is no way the LAPD intends to take this guy alive. They have a fully "justifiable" kill on sight and they aren't going to miss the chance to let their officers get a few days off after firing a shot in the line of duty and if they get to kill a turn coat, all the better.

Their actions are not that of a respectable department adhering to the rule of law and following probable cause for citizen interactions.

Jason Robinson
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho


there's something about Judge Napolitano's hairline that makes me think "werewolf"!

he said alot of nothing!

he said alot of nothing!

Ron Paul 2016


He just stated what the law is! Once they deny you through the courts, YOU ARE DENIED ANY FURTHER RECOURSE!

All I have to say is that "it finally happened" They screwed over the wrong guy by testi-lying! Now, he is taking his revenge. I am surprised that this has not happened to one of the many, political "boards" around the country, screwing the innocent over for politics! We must have a lot of gun owners with, very good, self control.

They Hope To Take Him Alive?

Not by what I've seen. Seems to me they want him dead and FAST! Otherwise why are they shooting up trucks first and asking questions last? Not sure this guy isn't yet another false flag aimed at showing us how GREAT drones are. Dorner = droner The government has a sick sense of humor ya know. Nothing is what it seems.


Exactly. If they hope to take him alive...

...they sure have a funny way of showing it.

The Judge

Got my fix of (Freedom Watch), miss his evening show.

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