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I Wrote in Ron Paul, but I'm Leaving "the Liberty Movement" for the Green Party.

These are my observations of the "liberty-candidates" that have been elected to office so far. Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, Justin Amash, etc...

-Where are the "pro-choice" (on abortion) libertarian-Republicans?

-Why is there little talk about the Israeli occupation? The state of Israel is the best example against foreign intervention.

-Why does no one talk about removing "In God We Trust" from the state's currency?

-Why is there little pressure from libertarians on corporations to pay their taxes (not raise them) when discussing the national debt?

-Where is the support for the LGBT issues? (They are individuals too)

-Where is the pressure on corporations that are violating property rights of other citizens through air pollution and dumping toxic waste in rivers?

-Why aren't these representatives calling out companies like Apple who use government patents to bully competitors in order to increase profits?

The reason the liberty movement is not a strong voice for these issues is because it's not libertarian. The ranks have swelled since 2008 with mostly former neo-conservatives. The reason these issues are not brought up with Republican-libertarians is because they do not have support from the majority of Americans. The movement is drifting over to a more populist approach very rapidly.
Last year I was in North Carolina campaigning against Amendment One which amended the NC state constitution to ban gay marriage. It was a huge grass roots campaign to stop it. Many of the campaigners said they liked a lot of what Ron Paul was saying, but they said, "If he is for freedom why don't his supporters support us?"
This is the sad reality many more of you will realize as the years progress. The ranks have been filled with old moral majority/corporatists. You can change to non-intervention in other countries, audit the fed, lower taxes and regulations. At the end of the day, the movement is just a little more hardcore Republican party that won't move much more than that because they don't want to lose supporters and votes.