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Interview with Harmon Kaslow, Producer of Atlas Shrugged 2.

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Thank you Fonzdrew

You post some of my favorite videos around here.

10:20-11:20 great excerpt to pull.

Hollywood is afraid of the message in Atlas Shrugged because they do not understand it.

Have you seen it yet? I have not. It sounds cliché but I hate seeing some of my favorite books made into movies.... I will probably check it out eventually though.

I agree

Your post are always great.


and bumped for later viewing.

I like that they entirely recast all the parts in the 2nd movie.

There are no characters in the book - there are only types.

Changing the faces that represent these types in the film helps reinforce the fact that the book isn't about these particular people or the particular time. It is about all people in all times.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.