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Ron Paul's Complaint to WIPO

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Not Supporters? Proof they were hardcore supporters from 2008

Anybody who says there was no disclaimer on the grassroots site, is deceiving you:

This is the footer from May 2008:

The RonPaul.com website is maintained by grassroots supporters. It is not paid for, approved, endorsed or reviewed by Ron Paul & Campaign.

Copyright © 2008 Ron Paul .com. Powered by WordPress.

And in the sidebar:

The RonPaul.com website is maintained by independent grassroots supporters of Ron Paul. Neither this website nor the articles, posts, videos or photos appearing on it are paid for, approved, endorsed or reviewed by Ron Paul or his Campaign. For Ron Paul's official website, go to RonPaul2008.com

So they pushed traffic to Ron Paul's official sites, i.e., C4L and RonPaul2008.com and this is how he repays them.

See the direct link to how the site looked in 2008:

See pages 6. Ron Paul's

See page 6. Ron Paul's following in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton.


And Julia Roberts

It stinks seems there are quite a few errors, and such as bad faith and no sales.. those are two lies. At this point I've been to the site a couple of times adn saw there were items for sale and nothing but wonderful things about Ron Paul..

It reminds me of a old saying, it is better to be rich than famous.. when one has to market themselves off their fame, it's whoring.. and it always leads to a crash.. just look at Ralph Nader, went from being American's most admired guy to someone few want anything to do with..

What also gets me about it is Ron Paul paid a staff who, from what I read, really let grassroots down hard.. and this seems to be more of that.. I joined the GOP because in 07/08 the campaogn wouldn't work with me, but as soon as I joined the GOP and got a seat.. I was good enough for them to make me team leader and a national delegate.

It's more of the haves and have nots fights, and really a shame to see RON PAUL inc, go up against those who didn't hurt them. I bet the sight is worth the $880K+, Benton wasn't IMO.