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Ben Carson has my spidey senses tingling

Before you down vote me into oblivion for daring to question this guy, hear me out...I had some time to kill today so I listened to a lil' neocon propaganda. Along with some beers...(especially during Hannity) and I noticed a reoccurring theme. They all had a huge chubby for Ben Carson. As if he were the second coming of Reagan or Christ. You could hear their forked tounges working through the drool as it spattered on their microphones. From Ingraham to Hannity, Limbaugh to Beck and Levin. Even some no-name, up and coming neocon talking wannabe's all worshipping Dr. Carson.

Now ill admit, I only heard soundbites of the speech but as I said before in an earlier post regarding BC "anyone who hannity vehemently supports automatically makes me disregard them" I was met by like 8 downvotes for stating that. I might be wrong but it sketches me out. Whats the m.o here? These guys follow a script so why is the script telling them to get a hardon for Ben Carson? Just had to get this off my chest, twas bothering me. Thank you and input would be appreciated. Beware the neocon propagandists

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I am confused

I don't understand what was so great about his speech. It was just drivel IMHO. His account of the war of 1812 was inaccurate. You want to hear a speech. Let me up there. I'll tell Obama a thing or two. Neocons are suckers for feel good speeches like this.

I think the main reason

I think the main reason neocons are jumping all over Dr. Ben Carson is because he's the epitome of the anti-Obama: a guy who preaches self-reliance, hard work, and no excuses.

Notice how the liberal MSM isn't even mentioning his name because they don't want people to realize the fallacies of Obama's policies.

I'm not rubber-stamping Dr. Carson, but like Dr. Paul intrigued me in 2007, I am trying to do more research on the man. He's not a politician, so his stances on issues such as foreign policy, the Fed, etc., are virtually unknown.

But just because a man is being praised by neocons, it should not mean we place those traits on him. Neocons like Hannity don't even know his positions. They are only using him now to divide and conquer.

Ben Carson I think is a proponent of the 1st amendment

I mean he should be cause he is Seventh-day Adventist. Most SDA's or at least 70% believe the government is tampering with the constitution and they defend and have defended the 1st amendment over and over again. To protect from tyranny and also to protect free speech. SDA's generally are Libertarian in philosophy. Liberty magazine is the most popular magazine in the world on "religious liberty" as well as "liberty" in general. And it's run by SDA's. So as to Ben Carson, well I'm pretty sure he would be a good politician but as for running for President.... I doubt it very much.. I have never heard of one attempting to run for POTUS and I doubt a true hearted SDA would ever do that either... Coming from an SDA.

Reason Being...

Jesus, when asked to be king he declined.

well, a US President is not a

well, a US President is not a king.

Don't tell Obama that.

He'll have his court jester beat you up.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

The people that CARE about upvotes and downvotes ...


If Jesus was interviewed by Hannity should I suspect the message?

Yes, but Not because he went on Hannity's show.

If I cared about it, I would search for it on my own.

Depending on Up/Down votes is what people in the media live on, and it's infected us here as well.

Stand for something when you look yourself in the mirror, and let the rest of the world do what it pleases.


By the Way, I love everyone here that is doing that.

b/c Fox is looking for another liberal to sell as conservative

They did this with Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christy, Mitt Romney, etc... pro-abortion, pro-guncontrol, pro-gay... Fox doesn't want to promote real conservatives.

Fox is in the business of demonizing real conservatives.

That is what their UK queen demands.


Skepticism is a good thing

I loved his speech but Hannity's instant backing if he'll run for president has me wondering what's wrong with with the guy. Perhaps his foreign policy is full-on NEOCON? After all, isn't that what Hannity has claimed is his biggest problem with Ron Paul?

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.


As a cautionary tale +1