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Video! Neocons Froth At The Mouth To Kill North Koreans

God, help me. The Neoconservative comments on this "North Korea tests nuke" article are astounding. Is there any nation, besides Israel, these nut bags don't want to annihilation? (NSFW - OPINION - VIDEO)



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do not believe all that you read online

especially from these supposed fb users. There are entire departments dedicated to molding perception online. Furthermore neocons was a small cabal of fake conservatives in and around the bush 2 administration with dual citizenship. Stop calling every pro war idiot a neocon. I understand it has taken on that general label, that is anyone that is pro-war is neocon, but that is NOT what neocons are. Willing to bet that half of those users if not more that are supposedly pro war are agents trying to change public opinion.

No.. They're

No.. They're neoconservatives. They love U.S. war.

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"Is there any nation, besides Israel, these nut bags don't want to annihilate?"


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I feel his


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