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Police Officer slaps and beats U.S Soldier

Police Officer slaps and beats U.S Soldier

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So What?

Soldiers should somehow be immune from Police beatings? As opposed to only whupping up on us mere Mundanes?

People Shouldn't Complain

to the police departments for this stuff but rather to the MAYOR that appoints the assholes that call themselves "chief" and tell the mayor that if he/she want to STAY mayor then they better clean up their act. Who decided that police chiefs should be appointed instead of elected anyway? There would be a lot less abuse of power by these morons if the chief had his head on the chopping block!


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Absurd and shameful.

Absurd and shameful.

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This video is far more painful to watch than many others

There are several aspects of this video that nobody will ever adequately delve into. I will attempt to address them here. The first is that this soldier was a victim. He felt victimized. He was expressing some pain and discomfort at the time it took for the cops to arrive. This is a by product of pent up aggression, but the proper way to deal with this would be to SYMPATHIZE with a VICTIM OF ASSAULT.

I think if the victim had been a woman, it would have been an entirely different encounter, and had the cop done what he did, there would be a far greater outcry. One major problem at play is that the man, a soldier was put into a position where he needed other men to come help him. Psychologically this is not a good place to be in this society. People would shame him merely for that much. So there is a part of him that felt he needed to establish he wasn't a complete wimp to the cops. But the police have their own game of aggression, and it is intolerant of all humanity. It's called "I'm always right, obey or die." You will never feel like a man after having to deal with the police.

There is the "never call the police" aspect that is well represented round these kinds of parts, but you'll never see in the mainstream. People still do not want to accept that police have become thugs and they escalate situations rather than de-escalate.

Notice the cops never deal with the people that assaulted him. You can tell pretty much from the point he could no longer breath until the end of the video where the cop is STILL MOCKING HIM, that the VICTIM has long since given up hope for justice and merely wants the police to go away.

The reporters who initially posted this, as well as many subsequent viewers took note of the particular tactics used by the cops, but what they ignore, what everyone seems to ignore is the psychological abuse the cops initiates and perpetuates throughout the entire video. It isn't enough that he's taken this victim to the ground, he has to verbally establish dominance, and make him apologize, and order him around like a child, and mock his having been unable to breath, and call him a liar and a faker, and all this jab, jab, jab, "I control you" b.s. Making the victim apologize for having feelings and make him thank the cops for being so cruel. This is the hallmark of a bully, and not just a simple bully, a real thug.

If it had JUST been a takedown with some choking, you could almost imagine the cop overreacting and thinking this guy was becoming hostile. And if that had been it, it wouldn't be much more than usual. But what the cop says, his evil messed up psychology spilling out is so incredibly profound and significant to whether or not this cop should ever be able to do this job. And yet I can assure you it will go virtually ignored.

Lucky it ever made it out of VPD, lucky a single news station picked it up and did anything with it. Not likely anything further will ever be done. That cop does that stuff all day every day and he'll retire soon with full pay for the rest of his life, having been a thug and a bully to victims.

The victim was assaulted (again)

From Terry Ingrams book: Police State, Ten Secrets Police Don't Want You To Know! (How To Handle Police Encounters!) http://www.dailypaul.com/237089/new-book-police-state-ten-se...

Secret Number One

1: A Police Officer’s “Peace” cannot be disturbed!

It is a fact, which cannot be disputed. A Police Officer’s Peace cannot be disturbed. This is called an axiom of law and a matter of stare decisis, in legal circles. The laws for “Disturbing the Peace” simply do not contemplate a “Police Officer” as a “person” defined under those laws. Technically speaking, you could walk up to a Police Officer, load up on vituperative, venomous, expletive, epithets, unload them flat in his face, and, considering no other person was within ear shot except another Police Officer, then there’s not a damn thing he could “lawfully” do about it. However, I would not advise this. If you do, don’t forget to get it on camera though, just in case he really gets mad.

The Proud?

I guess some slip through the cracks. Feel sorry for his kids. :(


Where are the people's checks and balances

on "police procedure"?

cop used his marine status as a threat

Is this what Big Gov is teaching our marines nowadays? To come back and bully and beat down civilians? "I'm not just a cop, boy... I'm a marine and I can whoop your a$$." That cop didn't only add to the growing hatred of police depts everywhere, but is sullying the marine brand, too. And we pay their salary.
Life would be so much better if we could just hire 7 samarai when we need them.
(one of the best films ever)

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
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I do not think that is

I do not think that is exactly what was going on. The cop was a bully, and for the victim soldier to outwardly state that he is a soldier, pissed off the bully cop even more. I imagine he identified himself as a Marine not as some justification for his behavior, nor because Marine training = bully cops, but because this thug couldn't stand the idea of the victim soldier even thinking he had something on him. If the victim had said "I'm a law abiding citizen" The thug cop probably would have done the same thing and then said "I protect you, I enforce the law" just to one up him and establish his bully thug dominance.

This is what happens

when people try to merge protect and serve with search and destroy...it doesn't work.

I'm guessing the "I'm a

I'm guessing the "I'm a Marine" part was about the replying to the victim stating that he was a soldier. The "soldier" was probably US Army. Marines are known for being the ass-kickers in the service, which is why Marines always identify themselves as such, instead of simply as a "soldier."

Other than that I thought this video was horrific and I hope the Marine runs into some Navy Seals one day.

The cop was an ass

but the kid was a bigger ass. I'd not want this kid covering my back in a situation.

If not us than who?

The kid was under stress, and called for help.

I agree, calling the cops for help is pretty stupid, but there was a day when "emergency responders" were trained to help calm people down.
And there was a day when response times were important.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

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There was also...

A time that victims weren't beaten up for being "less than respectful".

Using force to demand respect is the work of bullies and thugs.

Actually though, there has never been a time that was truly the case. Cops have always been and always will be a thug force.

You may be thinking of sheriffs. There is a clear reason why sheriff's behave better than cops, which I can explain my theory if you are interested.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I'm interested

Why do sheriffs behave better and Is there proof they do?

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It's the chain of authority.

A Sheriff is (generally) an elected position, so if he or his deputies mistreat people too badly, or attempt to fluff their budget with unnecessary tickets, the people have a way to retaliate. The Sheriff, being as self serving as anyone else wants to keep his job. To do so, he must not irritate people, and must provide some benefit.

A police chief is an appointed position, by the mayor (usually). Because it is an appointed position, and because they consider the mayor to have far more on his plate than simply law enforcement, they do not hold the mayor responsible for the police chief's actions. If the police chief, or his people behave badly, the mayor can simply appease the people by replacing the police chief, and installing a new one, who will do the same things as the previous one.

The police are dependent only on revenue for their jobs, so they do what they have to do to keep the funds moving through their department. Via tickets, drug busts, etc.

As far as proof. I have not done any research on statistics, but I can tell you I have been pulled over by deputies a few times, legitimate stops, in which I was only EVER given a warning from a polite individual.

I have been pulled over by cops, probably a 100 times in my life. Always rude, always abusive in some way, and the stops in many cases were not legitimate and 99 out of 100 times it resulted in some set of trumped up tickets.

These are similar to every anecdotal bit I have ever heard. I am sure that there are exceptions, but I am discussing generalities and macro scale dynamics here.

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How many more youtube videos...

before people learn to stop calling the cops?

Oh, but that could never happen to ME...

Or maybe, but the cops here are GOOD cops, one of them goes to my church...
I don't know what people are thinking. You can't even call for an ambulance without cops showing up, so drive yourself to the hospital, too, I guess.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

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This was one of the better illustrations...

Of our police state.

The police are the largest, most successful, gang and organized crime setup that has ever existed.

They are not here to protect and serve anyone but their own interest.

There is no such thing as a good cop.

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