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Video: Cop Loses Temper When Driver Invokes 4th Amendment Right

Cop flips out on driver pulled over for speeding when he tells the cop he can't search his car without a warrant.

"That's just fine...*expletives*".

**Language warning**


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..as if some here haven't had much dealings with cops.

Had neighbor state cop move in up the street and when I took a walk, he was out, and you could feel the tension just walking by.

Never been arrested, in a jail?

Just give the wrong one an excuse.. for some, talking back (standing up for yourself) to them is an excuse. 'patty cakes'? Good chance, they are trying to get ahead (be a big bad cop) and you are in their way.

Laugh, well, just my thoughts, don't particularly care for 'em (what they stand for) myself.

Good to see the cops have a

Good to see the cops have a sense of humor too. Definitely shouldn't be joking around on the job like that but this is not something to fire people over. For all we know they were just making fun of a statist superior or coworker.

Not a prank. It's a PsyOp

Now future videos of insane cops can potentially be questioned on their authenticity. These idiots should be fired if they haven't been already. It's THESE kinds of people that shouldn't be armed.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin




If it was a prank

they used very poor judgement. Posting it on Youtube only confirms the opinion of many that cops are out of control and on a power trip. On the other hand, EVERY cop knows the second he turns on his lights, the camera starts rolling. He was so obvious about it, I'm inclined to believe it was indeed a joke.


The similarities are pretty profound and is the only thing that

Makes me question anything...but the LP's are different on each vehicle. Regardless, the guy is a moron and is no super trooper. If he's just "pranking," it's a dumb prank. So they stage these things and then post them to fool people? Stupid...I still ask where the other cop friend is in his defense if it is truly a "prank" committed by two officers. Or is that whole article a prank too? Was there never a council meeting?

The scarier thing to even ask is, has law enforcement's care for our rights fallen that much that we would even believe this could happen? Even if it is a prank, it's a scary sad thought that we're at that point.

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One thing I thought was suspicious...

How often does a cop disappear back to his cruiser and then be "done" with your background check in 15 seconds.

I didn't hear him typing anything into his computer and he was almost up as soon as he sat down.

Again, 3 days off without pay for malicious waste of taxpayer money.

Also, 30 days off without pay for stupidity above and beyond most normal people.

Seriously reconsider their abilities to perform their jobs.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

You can definitely hear him do a search and from experience

I have done these searches for a living, it really only takes a few seconds to do it. I'm never sure why officers take 10 minutes. He probably saw marijuana in his file and jumped right out of the car to get his search and arrest. Those are big flags to get a possible arrest to meet their quotas. He got PO'd when he refused the search, despite him being so kind as to let him off and be in good graces of one another to get a consenting search. Unfortunately, his plan backfired.

This was a prank

I agree with tamckissick

Where is the other "police officer" involved in the prank, if it truly was a prank? The only people there in his defense are friends and family who want him to keep his job. If it was a prank between two officers, his police "boy" would be in his corner, but you don't see that! Besides, they don't even have any evidence. The guy he pulled over was let go, so no tickets are involved so if his cop buddy doesn't show up in his defense (unless another blatantly lies to protect him, which is pretty risky in this case since they're talking about termination), they don't even have the name of the guy he pulled over since they let him off. Unless they do a audit of his searches.

Not only that, everything about the video doesn't say "prank". The way he approaches the car cautiously as if he doesn't know the person. How he tells him to stay in the car and not got his ID until he's gone (signs of a paranoid cop), the level of fury he has and peels out at. No laughter is ever heard...nothing is said to make anyone think otherwise. Hollywoods actors can't even act that mad...that is pure rage.

And to PattyFromTexas, yeah, the cops know their dash cam is filming, but when had that ever stopped a police officer from doing bad things? That's why there's so many of these videos. Are you saying all of them are a prank because they know the dash cam is filming?

This guy is just looking for a way out. Lucky for him, there isn't any documentation on the guy he pulled over unless he comes forth, but something tells me that guy isn't a YouTube guy.

"Lucky for him, there isn't any documentation"

Hmmm.... or is there? If he took the guy's license and returned to the car to call it in, then there should be a record of that, right? The video shows him doing all this.

Also, can the guy's plate be made out so he could be contacted?

I was correcting myself as you wrote that

Unless they do a audit of his searches or look up his LP. They would have to subpoena him to testify in court if he didn't voluntarily attend a council meeting. Otherwise, he's not showing up, especially depending on how far away e lives. Besides, you're asking the wrong questions. Where is the other police officer?? No where to be found.

What was the purpose of this prank if it was one? Who did it prank if it was only two consenting officers? It appears no one was pranked. If it was a prank on the driver, surely the officer would have flashed his badge and said he was a cop, but you don't hear that. If the officer was the one being pranked, he still effed up because that is his actual reaction. If it was a prank between two consenting officers, they would both be there in their defense, but you only have one guy and his family defending the officers actions. None of this says "prank".

Maybe WE could find him?

DP'ers have pretty good reach and the officer does repeat the plate info a couple times as they're turning off the highway.

What plate lookup resources are out there? My state use to publish books of license plate numbers with names but our plates are all numbered by county.

I totally agree on the 'not a prank' logic.

I call BS

There's no way that was a joke. There's zero proof and the only people saying it are on the cop's side. There's proof he acted the way he did and no 'joke motive' even makes sense, let alone can be seen as humorous. It's a cover and that's all.

Diligence goes both ways.

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If this WAS a prank...

Its a "By-God" sad waste of taxpayer money and these idiots should be sent home for 3 days WITHOUT pay to make up for it.

Where the hell is the supervision for this freaked up "prank"?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

And there are people in this

And there are people in this country who think men like this should be the only one allowed to carry weapons..

you mad bro?

you mad bro?

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What's everybody so upset about?

This is typical thug cop mentality we have been conditioned to accept.

This guy is a "normal" kinda thug cop working the streets of Anytown, USA, today.

Mental issues? Yeah. I thank God I am not his wife or child.

Still, isn't this what we accept with our silence?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


so he got chewed out and let go without a ticket, sounds like a victory for this guys 4th amendment rights to me! And for the cops 1st amendment rights too! :)

I had to go threw getting arrested to get my speeding ticket dismissed.

Do they ever test police for steroids?

Irrational behavior to say the least, that cop is in the wrong occupation.

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The profession...

draws in people that feel powerless, and therefore have a need to bully and dominate others.

When someone "strips" them of that power, they are likely to lose it.

Don't pay attention to this "be respectful" crap that people always say about dealing with cops. Record it. Record it. Record it.

There is no law saying you must be respectful to a cop. And even if there was, it shouldn't be obeyed.

ACLU has a handy Android/iPhone app for recording and uploading automatically police encounters so that even if they take your phone, you still have the video. Download it, install it, and use it.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

More proof that power corrupts

We watched a documentary type show a few months back (can't recall any info) where a psychologist took two teams of 20/30 somethings and placed them in a prison situation. By random chance, each was either placed as a jailer or jailee. Then harmless, nonsensical rules were implemented and the behavior was monitored. The prisoners all turned rebellious and the jailers all turn tyrannical. The experiment had to be stopped by an unbiased occasional observer because even the psychologist started getting offensive and physical with the prisoners. All members were upstanding men with no records at all.

The entire experiment lasted just 5 of the scheduled 14 days.

Wow ...

Those roids must be taking a toll on the poor officer ... The poor poor officer

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
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Only the police should have

Only the police should have guns!

Wearing a badge turns makes humans incorruptible!

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And three months later

everyone is saying, "Didn't anyone see any red flags?" "Who knew?" "His service record is perfect!" Yeah, right!

Whoever is in charge of that Dept. needs to get this guy some anger management help before he hurts someone. I would like to see a follow up on that story.