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CNN's Crowley Asks Panel If Dr. Carson's Speech Was "Offensive"

CNN's Crowley Asks Panel If Dr. Carson's Speech Was "Offensive"

Carson On Taxes: Have "Everybody Pay Into It, Not Just One Group Of People"

Dr. Ben Carson On Criticizing Obamacare: "Somebody Has To Stand Up To The Bullies"

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I'm gonna be real honest.. i

I'm gonna be real honest.. i heard words coming out of these ladies mouths but I didn't hear any coherent message coming from them. The only thing i drew from this was "don't talk bad about king obamas policies"

Eye Candy she aint, and SHE is offensive

and her stupidity compounds her eekkie-ness...

who let the TROLL out... who who who who who...

Is she related to Alister or what?

Oh how easily

The sheeple are duped by the neo-cons

Crowley is bad, so Carson must be good.

You saw it right on CNN, so it must be true!

Now she wants to redefine

Now she wants to redefine political correctness and equate it to political pandering?? Wow!

Nothing says journalism like Candy!

That is not even a possible question anyone should be asking.

Truth is offensive

in the Empire of Lies.

Looks like she is eating more

Looks like she is eating more than her fair share in this economy.

Did the democrat from Ill

actually say the economy should work for everyone? Where's she been? We have negative growth in the economy. I guess the alternative is we should have an economy that doesn't work for anyone. This is closer to reality, the liberal, politically correct definition of prosperity.

Pig In Wolves Clothing

Is what I see. Hahahaha! (No offense to pigs they are more intelligent than creepy CRAWLEY)


The only thing truly offensive

is having to look at and endure the corpulent POS that is Crowley.


But of course it was offensive...

... to a satanic witch, LOL!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFTJnX-r6lc (This guy is a hoot, just don't expect to understand everything he says unless you're Gaelic!)


That's the DP for you

Well educated folks.

I was going to ask if she was related to Aleister, and the first thing I see is your post.



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

Well I'm not saying I know it's true

But knowing the small circles the Ruling Class runs in, it would not surprise me one iota.

I had an interesting exchange yesterday

There are a few hard core Obama supporters who work with me at the soup kitchen. I brought up the Dr. Carson speach, and I did not say anything derougatory about Obama, I just elaborated what a great speaker Dr Carson was, and higlighted a few things (solutions) he said.

Boy did I open a can of worms! How DARE Dr. Carson confront president Obama and undermine him publically!!! There were three of them that I'm sure saw the video and their reaction was exactly the opposite of those here who see Dr. Carson as a hero. They see him as a liar, an arrogant elitest jerk, and opportunist.

Good luck to those spreading Dr. Carson's message to Democrats. I suggest you wear protective gear.

You should have won the

You should have won the argument by calling them racists.

I see you

And I don't disagree, but I had already upset them enough.

Never miss an opportunity to

Never miss an opportunity to throw liberals stupidity back in their face so they can realize just how stupid they sound. The trick is to sound like you mean it and that you are seriously offended.


That just shows how unhinged the Obama Democrat is.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity


I decided I needed to go to confession and nonn mass, where the wind don't blow so strange.

ecorob's picture

The truth hurts!

Kinda like, "Candy Crowley is an obnoxious sweathog."

Do you find that offensive? Then, back away from the cheeseburgers and be the change you want to see.

Or, not.

Candy's "handlers" [not Snickers and Milky Way, by the way], you know, the propagandists that RUN this country want to create the thoughts in your head that it WAS offensive to bring up God at a prayer breakfast for a sitting Muslim President!

Oh, the humanity!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Truth is funny

Truth only hurts when one is on the wrong side of truth.

PS. I think Dr. Carson is a perfect candidate for you and those like you, who prefer to be messangers rather than actually getting in the game, making hard choices, and fighting to win.

Dr. Carson will not win. Like Ron Paul, he's got a message, a great message, and I hope that it makes YOU very happy for years to come!

You supported Willard...

and not only did he have zero chance of winning, you also turned your back on the liberty movement in the process. Spare us the lecture.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Spare yourself.

I did not join the GOP because of Romney
I did not get an elected committee seat because of Romney
I did not sign an oath to the constitution because of Romney
I did not sign a loyalty oath to the GOP because of Romney
I did not sign an oath that I will not commit purgery because of Romney
I did not send any money to Romney
I did not put a Romney sticker on my car
I did not buy or wear a Romney shirt or sign
I did not ask anyone to vote Romney
Neither did anyone on my committee.

I did all that and much much much more for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul lost.. very sad day.

I upheld the loyalty oath I took. and voted Romney AGAINST OBAMA

For you to say that was supporting Romney shows you have no idea what support is or what principles or integrity are.

As if lying, and cheating or quitting were what winners do. NOT!

You don't want a lecture. then ignor me.

I'm in the GOP rEVOLution NOT a liberty movement. I AM SUPPORTING RAND PAUL. I could careless who or what you support.

Peace be with you.

ecorob's picture

You supported romnie and now rand paul...

let me know how that works out for you...losers!

You are only here to divide people and people see that.

Witness, your down votes.

I won't waste my time with you anymore other than to point out how divisive and wasteful you are.

Thank you for the compliment. Dr. Carson is the perfect candidate for me.

And romnie was the perfect candidate for you! It shows.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I support Rand Paul

I never supported Romney. I voted because Romney won the nomination and I am elected to serve Ron Paul's party that is now mine. THANKS RON PAUL!

Your insults reflect on you, not me.

You wear your morality upon your lip

Rand Paul betrayed his own father. But you proudly support him. So it fits with your above remarks.

Be the solution unless you are really the problem.


I understand that's how you and those like you see it

Let me tell you about you, and those like you, who see Rand's endorsement of Romney as a betrayal. You were not a national delegate for Ron Paul. Here's the list of Ron Paul delegates in the state of CA.. I'm in district 2 at the top http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/statewide-elections/2012-pri...

Can you show me your name on any list proving you were selected as a national delegate?

No. Because you were not a national delegate for Ron Paul.

Now this is not to say that your work, HARD work as a supporter, fan, contributor of funds, gas, time, was not important. It was VERY IMPORTANT, and very appreciated.

That said, because you were not a national delegate, you were not on the front line, getting your bones broken, being threatened in my case, having my car keyed (only cost me $1100.00 to repair). You were not going to GOP meetings facing personal threats. You were not petitioning your republican neighbors, and strangers, informing them that you were a Ron Paul Republican and asking them to sign your peition to get on the ballot, to get a committee seat, so you could be a national delegate for Ron Paul. Why?

You did not win an election, and get a written letter from you county clerk asking you to come into the office to sign a oath to the constitution, oath to the GOP, representing the party to which you serve, as an elected public servant, and you did not have to sign a 470, will not commit purgery oath.

Like many of those who did what I did, to be a Ron Paul national delegate, I thought I could BE LIKE RON PAUL.. That I could vote who I wanted and say what I wanted.

When Rand endorsed Romney, I wrote a WTF post on DP. I couldn't believe it. But then the Ron Paul campaign in CA WOKE ME UP.. "Hey Granger, YOU ARE NOT RON PAUL. The GOP didn't give two cents for Ron Paul.. but they are fighting us, and they care very much about that loyalty oath you took.. so if you intend to FIGHT FOR LIBERTY and join us in this good fight.. beware.. you have seen them lie, cheat, and steal, and don't think for a minute that you are an exception. RON PAUL IS THE EXCEPTION, not you!"

So what does that mean? That if I intend to keep my seat, I better keep my loyalty oath. This was the SHOUT OUT Rand Paul gave those who were elected into GOP committees. Had he not done that, many delegates who went stealth would have NEVER made it to Tampa.

How much do YOU appreciate that? Not at all. Where are YOUR principles? Standing for Ron paul as if he is a solo act and the party Ron Paul has been a lifetime member for all but 6 months when he ran as a Libertarian (which actually pissed me off back in 988, as a Libertariana I was sick of the controllers in MY party pciking Republicans as the nominee) means nothing.

Suit yourself.. lie to yourself.. lie to everyone you know about Rand Paul.. you have nothing to lose, and more than willing to fight the rEVOLution to bring America down to your level of marginalization and nowhereville.

What have you learned from Rand Paul? Not a thing good. And to me, that is your loss, not his, not mine, and not those of us who continue to fight for liberty.. not for you, but for ourselves.

Who needs Carl Rove and Bush, when we have so called insiders doing their best to destroy the rEVOLution as an inside job?

I stand with Rand and NOT with you. Really I don't know why you are even in America you hate it so much.

Peace be with you.


You must stop being so negative. You must also refrain from using 'those like you' [unless referring to neocons and democrats, lol]. You have a habit of saying that so and so or such and such will not win. That is exactly what gop/rnc did to incite the fear with Ron Paul. We must start to cultivate an environment that we WILL win, we ARE winning, so that others will listen and want to get on board.

There is NOT a separation between message and delivery. They should be one and the same. It is how one lives life, and it does take many to effect change. Please consider speaking in and of unity from this point forward. If you do, wonderful things will happen.

When you open, open very carefully :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


As someone who was a grassroots activist for decades, and have newspaper articles, mentions in books, and tons of experience in rallying, protesting, petitioning, writing resolutions, ,and attending hearings, some which I won, that was not what I wanted or saw as a win, but what was claimed as a win, it is a big difference between that, which an organization like the GOP has built like a machine, which I didn't know until I got in (and no wonder why they win (same for Democratic Party), and I'm having to petition for MYSELF, and raise funds for MYSELF, and get elelected MYSELF.. I find there is a huge difference between being an activist for a message, cause, or another person, than for being the messager with causes for "MYSELF", even when, and if, others support ME.

I never had to sign a loyalty oath as an activist. I have far more on the line now than I ever did.

YOU tell me to refrain fro employing the condition YOU, unless refering to Democrats and Neocons, and your next sentence begins with you refering to me a, "You".

Knowing how the political machine operates.. three elections as a Nader team leader fighting to open ballot and debates to third parties and Indy's... we lost every law suit. I don't see how anyone can beat that system. Nader has sued near every department of the government, is an outstanding attorney, knows government better than most. If he can't win, with 36 third parties backing him, how can someone based on ONE speach?

Wonderful things are happening (((((PAF))))) Two years ago I was the lone granger on my committee. Now we have three Ron Paul rEVOLutionairies, and another soon to be seated, giving us the majority vote.