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Ron Paul is not trying to STEAL RonPaul.com

I knew it all along. The moment that everyone was telling me that he was doing the very thing that was not in his character. Go ahead and watch the video I feel like it clears his name up a bit.

But, unfortunately to many people are too quick to damn then save.


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Of course he is. From

Of course he is. From dedicated, loyal Ron Paul supporters.

Right - when you buy a domain, you agree to the terms.

I tell my clients this same thing about domain disputes.

If own a domain that could be taken away from you through dispute resolution, you should make a REASONABLE offer. If your offer is unreasonable to the other party... you will end up with zero if resolution does not go your way.

Good video, His take is

Good video, His take is important.

Alot of people leave out the fact that ron paul used to own the domain name. And his staffers forgot the renew the ownership. But he is following guidelines that the owner agreed with which makes sense. Interesting how this has all developed

Basically what this shows is that when he purchased the domain name he was signing a contract that voluntarily agreed that if there were any disputes with the domain name it would be settled through the icann resolution. It used to be own by ron, and his staff is following proper procedure that the man in australia agreed to.

Apparently Dr. Ron E Paul never owned the site.

Someone bought RonPaul.com the auctioned it to the current owners.

Our Ron Paul didn't fail to do anything.

Free includes debt-free!