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TSA X-Ray Body Scanners To Be Used In Office Buildings

TSA X-Ray Body Scanners To Be Used In Office Buildings

TSA employees won’t be the only ones worrying about “cancer clusters”

Steve Watson
Feb 12, 2013

Government employees are set to be bombarded with radiation on a daily basis if a plan to move x-ray firing TSA body scanners into office buildings goes ahead.

When the TSA announced last month that it was ending its contract with Rapiscan, makers of the controversial backscatter x-ray body scanners, the mainstream media uniformly announced that the federal agency was “removing” the scanners from use altogether.

However, it was blatantly clear that this would never be the case. The TSA is already under strict scrutiny from Congress over the mothballing of £14 million worth of body scanners. All in all, the 250 backscatter scanners the agency now has are worth a combined total of $40 million.

Read more: http://www.infowars.com/tsa-naked-x-ray-scanners-to-be-used-...

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When world pop

When world pop gets to around 500 million, they will put out an apology that x-ray, food/water gmo and other things appeared to have not worked out so well. Pretty much like that food pyramid a few decades back.

obama: "They'll still vote for me, I'm a democrat!"

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul