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Projects and Hinder Horror = Christopher Jordan Dorner

It was discussd that Dorner is a near anagram for Drone-R. His full name is an anagram for " Projects and Hinder Horror. "

I thought this was interesting because he is projecting horror, but also hindering it? This seems wrong, so maybe it's a hidden message that while this is being projected, it is also hindering horror. Maybe that means he is getting in the way of diabolical plans, or maybe the coverage is a distraction for something else (the new pope business?). Just thought you'd like to know.

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Let's Assume It's a False Flag

...a la Sandy Hook (just for the sake of argument). Either way the "plotters" appear to have misjudged the public responses. The gun control agenda is falling on its face, and public sympathy for the LAPD under seige is lacking. So it's heartening to see that even government central planning of conspiracies doesn't work too well. Incompetence seems ubiquitous.