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Amazing Grace! He's Only Ten Years Old! Don't Skip This One!

Amazing Grace! He's Only Ten Years Old! Don't Skip This One!

Go down to the end > > > > Words displayed and this boy's unique pronunciation as his native > > tonque is > Portugese, plus his control of voice . Enjoy! He thanks the audience > in his Brazilian Portugese. > >> > Jose Antonio "Jotta" Viana is a seventh grader, the youngest of > three children of Antonio and Edna Holanda, living in the village of Angélica, just outside Sorocaba, Brazil. With his family he attends an Assembly of God Church and recorded his first CD at age six.

Ever since he first appeared a few months ago on a Brazillian TV youth talent show, Jovens Talentos Kids, which is a segment of the popular show Raul Gil, he's been in incredible demand. He's usually accompanied by his older sister Lanna and he sings mostly in churches and Christian festivals. He is booked solid at churches mostly around Sao Paulo, Brazil, through the end of the year. According to his family, he just recorded a new CD, which was released in September at Brazils Expocristã, a Christian festival in São Paulo. GOD's Amazing Grace!!!------ > > You've got to listen to this ten year old !!! This Brazilian ten-year-old has amazed the entire world.


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