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U.S. Military: Woe Is Us; Can't Be World’s Police Under New Budget

In a move that can’t help but cause deep belly laughs to rumble up from most of those who regularly read this site, the U.S. Military – that ridiculously bloated, entitled mass that considers itself to quite literally be the “World’s Police Force,” (Marines) and a “Global Force For Good,” (Navy) is shedding crocodile tears over the impending spending cuts. Up to $500 billion is slated to be cut from the military budget over the next 10 years, which our armed forces claim will “atrophy” the state of the military. The boys and girls in camo decry the lack of ability they’ll have to export the American brand of military interference into “hotspots” outside of arenas of war, and that our force would mainly be situated at home.

What a novel concept – a military that actually stays in its own country! That is going to have a massive impact on the “illegal and unconstitutional wars enacted through Executive Orders by Presidents” business. Which under Bush and Obama has been booming. And the impact on our foreign relations with those countries that we regularly interfere with, overthrow, bomb or occupy…I just don’t know how they’ll cope with the loss.

There is at least one comical aspect to come out of this - Continue Reading

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"Cut" is such an underwhelming word

I think we need to "decapitate" spending.

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to nuke

to nuke

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


That lava monster is integral to the marine training regime. I has to be factored in to the new budget.


I am sure such high quality products should be able to last at least 20 years under normal use.

Cars from the 60's and 70's were the best and there are still plenty of tanks and other military products that are still running fine from then to the 40's.

I am reminded of that commercial of that 50's car impacting a current model.....the company failed to mention they removed the engine from the older car!!!



With those kinds of cuts we might have to settle on having 874 military bases across the world instead of 900 +!

Couldn't one less crazy trip to India or whatever offset these "cuts"?

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