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MAJOR Update: Dorner Burned Alive (Or maybe not!)

Major Update! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/12/chris-dorner-dead_n...

Final Update: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2013/02/12/authorities-respon...

Live video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Kt0jI...!

CBS reporting now...Big Bear area..may have burglarized a home, tied up a couple...all within the last hour...he may be in custody....

I am hearing this on WBBM-780AM at 3:18pm-3:20 CST...

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I feel rather dumb...

I feel rather dumb recollecting only now...

The readers of this thread might want to know more about the sort of cops and "public servants" (pretty much... EVERYBODY working other there, no kidding) -

Do not miss to check out BrotherJohnF study video on the matter - linked in this post:


Or, for the impatient - Fast forward at mark:

22 minute, 20 seconds (till the end):



This may upset some of you.

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Why Didn't He ...

...simply attack the command post? Lots of targets for him. Perhaps his goal was to get back to LAPD's turf so he could continue his revenge plans. We'll likely never know.

In the real world, acting

In the real world, acting like Arnold in the movie Commando gets a person killed fast. That's why.

If he was in there

he most likely committed suicide before anyone could do anything to him.

what is so confusing is why has it taken so long to confirm that he is dead?

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Presumably because his body

Presumably because his body was burned so badly chances to recover any identifying information (besides a miraculously fireproof wallet) would be very difficult.

The sad part is NOBODY other than us DP

people are outraged.

They set fire to the building, then actually make sure anybody inside is good and dead, then they put out the flames.

These are supposed to be the "good" guys?

I hope another cop steps up in Dorner's place, otherwise this all goes away and the LAPD only becomes more empowered. Which in turn will empower other PD's as well.

kinda like a mini


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there are many others...

who do not agree with what the police state is doing, just look at youtube comments, or comments at the end of articles like this one:


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Uh Ohh

Waco style. I knew the million dollar bounty was bogus. I think the whole story is dialect. What was with the "Fish & Gamelife" armies?

Well.. We have already seen a

Well.. We have already seen a truck on fire.
I believe I have heard about the possibility of experience with explosives.

Either that ORRRR..
Has anyone seen the video of officers UNLOADING on the cabin with semi-automatic rifles and launching tear gas into it? Just saying. Good chance the officers started the fire.


A "gun battle?" Not really a battle. More like a barrage.


they torched the place. Corpse has been found. Story over. Wonder what's coming next...

So did the LAPD

purposely torch a house with the intent to kill a suspected fugitive?

Isn't that murder?

Aren't they supposed to call in the guys to try and talk him out. Or wouldn't they wait him out?

Maybe they would shoot him with snipers? but, torching the place?


I was watching a live stream from Nbc earlier

and a sheriff stated that after a small firefight with the suspect that police cornered (who several policemen visually identified as) Mr. Dorner), authorities proceeded to tear down several of the cabin's walls. As they were getting ready to breach the cabin, deputies heard a single gunshot originating from inside the cabin...that's when the cabin caught fire.

That's all that I can remember at the moment. I was watching this live stream from about 10pm to 11pm EST:


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thats what the news reported...BUT...

you should listen to what was said on the police scanners. The links are below. Or read the live reddit posts from people listening to the police scanners. It is pretty clear they torched the place. Perhaps the person inside helped it along as well. It is hard to say. Or maybe the single gunshot was him committing suicide after the place was torched.

What was that at 2:58:24 on the youtube link?

Seriously, what was that orange and black thing at 2:58:24? A burning bird? WTF

Band width fail.

I looked at it like 10 times. hahaha


You know that news vid is available in 720, right?

What did you view it in, 360? It was a helicopter.

extremely odd...maybe green

extremely odd...maybe green screen and fire while a bird was flying by...because we all know fried birds can't fly

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Reddit thread with commentary on police scanners


Note at 4:16 when police take action to purposefully set the cabin on fire.

"burners deployed, we have a fire."

I heard that line live...

but I didn't realize the significance of it till right now.

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link to audio

San Bernardino County Sheriff Standoff with C. Dorner (February 12, 2013)
Scanner audio captured during the standoff with Charles Dorner - fire begins approx. 25 mins in.

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how did the cabin get on fire?

Drone hit? Police threw fire into the cabin? Did Dorner put the cabin on fire to escape? How did that fire start?

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See randysea's video, below

Says it all.

Not sure if posted

yet, but just came across this video...
cops yelling 'burn him!' on live mic


thanks for posting

thanks for posting

Sounds like a drone hit the

Sounds like a drone hit the cabin and they are covering it up

The same LAPD that botched the Simpson-Goldman Case.

The same LAPD that created a case out of thin air based on sloppy forensic work, by tampering with blood evidence and lying from the witness stand.

"All in a day's work."

The LAPD framed an innocent man? OJ wasn't the first, probably won't be the last.

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Has anyone else heard the rumors...

that there were escape tunnels in the cabin that connect to other cabins elsewhere? This is getting ridiculous, almost like a movie. The LAPD is also looking totally incompetent right now.

Hopefully justice prevails against Dorner somehow.

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