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Calling All Austin, TX DPers!

In November 2012 the voters of Austin passed a ballot initiative called the 10-1 plan that broke the city into single-member districts to elect City Council members (as opposed to being elected At-Large).

What this did was to prevent the small select group of liberal elitists from being continually elected to City Council. Now with their power transitioning into the hands of the people they are acting to transfer power over to the Mayor.

Please go to the following page (yes, it's a liberal group, but 10-1 had broad coalition support) to oppose agenda item #46 on Thursday's City Council meeting:


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Thanks for posting this.

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Thanks for the heads up.

I'll see if I can get out of work this Thursday.

I posted about it

Drones in Texas -- the State TX the one that really fights against drones!

Little response.

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