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Companies Can't Get Rid of Cash Fast Enough. (And yet the FED just keeps on printing!)

OP NOTE: This is pretty good evidence that the nearly $100 billion the FED is "printing" EACH MONTH is going right into the pockets of bankers and the politically well connected.

This theft by the criminal banksters in collusion with the political criminals holding the highest offices in our land, will probably go down in history as the largest heist ever! It probably already is the largest theft ever but since the crooks have apparently sheilded themselves from prosecution...it looks like they are going to keep counterfiting FRN's and buying up real estate & other hard assets until there is nothing left to buy. THEN, once they have ownership of damn near everything, THEN, they will turn all that computer generated fiat to actual paper notes and the dollar will crash and burn.

Companies have a problem many people would envy: They can't get rid of cash fast enough.

After a fourth year of higher profit, companies' piles of cash is approaching yet another all-time high. They're on pace to have $1.06 trillion in cash, based on estimates from S&P Dow Jones Indices.

Cash is piling up despite companies' efforts to dispense of it by buying back stock, increasing dividends and investing in capital and equipment. However, they're not being as aggressive as they can afford to be. "Companies are examining different ways to put cash to work," says Charles Crane of Douglass Winthrop Advisors. "But they're still generating buckets of cash."


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