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"Ron Paul" -abc -cbs -cnn -fox -nbc -pbs -npr (Take out the trash).

"Ron Paul" -abc -cbs -cnn -fox -nbc -pbs -npr" Take out the trash, before you read your news.

Search: "Ron Paul" -abc -cbs -cnn -fox -nbc -pbs -npr

About 63,700,000 results (0.28 seconds) Search Results:
News for "Ron Paul" -abc -cbs -cnn -fox -nbc -pbs -npr

Search: "Ron Paul"
[You are left to sort through the trash. And, most of the useful "Ron Paul" links disappear from returned results.]
About 34,000,000 results

This simple search returns only about 1/2 the results of the more restrictive search. Results not included.

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